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August 15, 1996 - December 26, 1996

Until today, December 30th, I thought that, like the Phoenix, this site would rise again. But it is not to be. The task is too overwhelming, too filled with pain. Only a very few people know what motivated me to begin a homepage in the first place; it was a way to relieve an agony that was beyond description. Now my homepage has become another agony. I'm tired. I'm whupped. Rest in peace, Elly's Slice of Cyberpie.

My former ISP claims they "lost some files." Interesting that they lost my entire directory. Interesting that my directory appears to be the only one thus affected. Can you spell H-A-C-K-E-D? That's the second time my pages have been hacked. The first time was minor. This... this is devastating. Yes, I have most of it backed up. So what? I'd still have to recode over 150 pages with new links to reflect my new ISP. And Fishnet won't provide a referral link, so of course no one who visited my pages on a semi-regular basis will ever find them again. All those entries in search engines... all those Internet Link Exchange banners... all those links to my site on literally hundreds of pages... useless.

And Fishnet was so helpful. After a dozen or so frantic emails to them, only one person had the courtesy to reply, and that was, "everything is cool." From whose perspective? It wasn't HIS site that was destroyed. The owner has yet, in the two years I've been a client, to ever reply to a phone call or email of mine. When I did finally reach the owner, Ron Prague, he hung up on me. Needless to say, I now have a new ISP. If you live in Ventura, California and are thinking of using Fishnet Internet Services as your ISP, think again.

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