Chess and Attacks
Chess and Attacks


Weekend update: Played Golf with dad all weekend and went to a wedding. I'm broke and I hate it. End of story.

Nikki and I have been playing Chess everday lately and It's been a lot of fun. She's really taught me a lot in the last five months. So tonight we played a game via Unix chat and she whuped me. The notation is in the sidebar if anyone out ther is Chess oriented. Playing against her has really upped my concentration in every aspect of daily life and I really enjoy that, I spend way too much time running through life in a fog so it's a welcome change. The thing is, she's just so damn good that it's giving me headaches just playing her. Ah well, It's still a blast.

Adam and a friend of his came up to visit last night and today. We didn't do much except sit around and shoot the shit, but it was still a good time. It's been too long since I've seen that boy. He's so much fun to give a hard time.

I've been under attack lately by a group of very interesting, if more than just a little insane, people. I, out of boredom mostly, critisized the site of a slightly egomaniacle woman who will remain nameless (unlike her, I don't like to name names). After this mostly harmless message, I was suddenly under attack, recieving a barrage of E-mails and messages in my guestbook saying that I'm a little puke and that my site sucks. One even went so far as to write a scathingly biased critique of my site and mail it directly to the diary-L list. However, instead of her intended objective, make me look juvenile and ignorant, she brought down the wrath of a few of the OPers against her. I really have to thank these people because I've done my share to piss them off at one point or another, but when the chips were down they came to my aid against a stupidly posted attack.

This woman's main problem with the site is the spelling and grammer errors that I make a lot of. Well, I am trying to work on this and I take it as a valid comment. But the rest of her post was just a blatant attack on me personally. But, I guess you have to be thick skinned about things like this on-line. I just want those people to know that I will not be sending my friends after them. I don't think it's a good way to operate in life to try and annihilate anyone who doesn't agree with you. Hitler and Stalin both tried and look where they ended up. Dead. Of course so will all of us so that is a really stupid point.

One of the people who mailed me about this was a really nice and intelligent woman who, once we got past the flaming, I really like. I'll put her url up here when I can. She actually listen to my side of the story and put away her biases. I admire that in a person.

Well, back to my sulking over tonight's loss.

Back To the Land Of The Lost


1: PE2-E4__PE7-E5
2: NG1-F3__PF7-F6
3: NB1-C3__PC7-C6
4: BF1-C4__NG8-H6
5: PD2-D3__BF8-C5
6: O-O_____NH6-G4
7: QD1-E2__PD7-D6
8: PA2-A3__QD8-D7
9: PB2-B4__BC5-B6
10: NC3-A4__BB6-D8
11: BC1-E3__QD7-E7
12: PH2-H3__NG4xE3
13: PF2xE3__BC8-E6
14: BC4xE6__QE7xE6
15: NF3-H4__O-O
16: NH4-F5__QE6-F7
17: QE2-G4__KG8-H8
18: RF1-F3__NB8-A6
19: RF3-G3__BD8-E7
20: RA1-F1__NA6-C7
21: NF5-H4__NC7-E6
22: RF1-F5__PB7-B6
23: RF5-H5__PC6-C5
24: NH4-G6+_KH8-G8
25: RH5xH7__KG8xH7
26: QG4-H5+_KH7-G8
27: QH5-H8+