March 14, 1997, 8:00 p.m.

 I spent several delighted hours on one of the best web sites I have ever seen. ELLY'S SLICE OF CYBERPIE. It's funny, it's personal (it's not just list of links without any imput on her own, where you think you might as well be dialing Yahoo or Webcrawler...although certainly there are a lot of links). She has a journal, her awards are funny, often irreverent and interesting, and she has FUN with her site, rather than taking it too seriously. I'm just amazed at how much web space she has. She has pages and pages and pages and MORE pages. Especially find out "the reason you're REALLY here" when you visit. Visit and get lost in there for hours. I did. That's one slice of pie offered me that is truly a pleasure to take! And non-fattening, as well!

 Poor Barb...getting over a sickness, and just after she was almost finished changing a bunch of pages for Steve Conn, she got a bunch of things to add to the site she maintains for the soap opera (and HOMICIDE) actress Linda Dano. Usually no problem, she relishes it, but she informed the publicist it MIGHT take a little longer than usual. due to her feeling like death warmed over. I bet she gets it done fairly quickly anyway. (A little later.) I was right....she got it finished today.

 I saw a very clever NEWSPAPER web page the other day...and no, it did not list all the news services for you to go to. Many people do that, and that's fine, but what this lady did was much more delightful. She took some of the doings of Barb's favorite soap and cast them AS newspaper headlines...for the "Bay City" that Barb's favorite soap opera operates out of. Some of the ads are deliberate sly references to the actors' roles, and the headlines are the doings of their favorite soap opera. Quite clever. It would have been interesting to do much the same to the echo I used to be interested in, but that's for someone else to try to figure out...still, a cute and clever idea. Check out the THE BAY CITY HERALD to see what I mean.

 Speaking of Elly's Slice of Cyberpie, I did join the "Order of 39" that she did in honor of her birthday,and added it and her to my "friends" page. I have found many interesting and entertaining sites thereby. One quite funny one was SMOO'S NICHE ON THE NET, who has a thing for cow-related sites. Quite perplexing to a city boy like myself, but quite funny. And some of her links--! When I do up my "Lunacy" page for the funnier sites on the web, I'm going to have to include the "Psychic Chicken Network". TOO silly.

 And then, there is also one of the most beautiful web sites I ever saw...ABSINTH'S HOME. Arresting without being loud, a gentle pipe playing on a summer's night...visit it and see how a web page SHOULD be done. I'm going to have to explore all the other links here, too. Not a serious entry tonight, folks, just inviting you to share some special places I've come across.

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