new things - Tuesday November 24 1998    

I rode my bike to work & tears ran from my eyes from the cool, humid wind.

Sometime during the night the database server had crashed and it continued to do so all day.

Complicating matters, the engineering "coach" and one of the graphic designers were off in Italy at the time.

The new Database administrator was in charge. He's a hell of a nice guy and I felt sorry for him, because there was no way he could possibly know what was causing the problem.

Meanwhile, being the only graphic designer in the house, Sherms was being terribly overworked. I took pity on him and volunteered to do a few graphics projects. Yes, today I didn't have to look over my shoulder when I fired up Photoshop.

In the evening, for variety I came home via a bike path along the north side of the San Diego River. This path was a lot less smooth and in the darkness the jarring experience of hitting so many unseen potholes left my nerves in a frazzled state.
Kim had been on a bit of a shopping spree. There was a dog-sized decorative elephan, a huge mirror, a little metallic Christmas tree and God knows what else. Every time I come home I find our house contains yet more things.

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