London, UK and Johannesburg, South Africa, March 25 - 27 2003

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0069_herods2 0080_herods 0103_edward 0106_dogdoo
Herods Herods Edward the dog doggy doo
0111_rocketengines 0113_v2 0118_antlerchair 0141_cathedral
rocket engines Nazi V2 antler chair Immaculate Heart
0163_englishspring 0171_sleepgretch 0192_dtjoburg 0212_high4
English spring sleepy Gretch Johannesburg above Joburg
0214_high3 0217_high2 0220_high1 0221_joburgstreet
above Joburg above Joburg above Joburg Johannesburg
0239_streetrearview 0249_soweto_thatch 0252_soweto_overlook 0259_soweto_highway
Joburg Street Soweto Soweto dorms Soweto highway