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   September 2000

01: movie with the housemate crew - Dinner & a movie with my housemate & friends.
02: vegetarian In 'n' Out food - Eating outside an In 'n' Out with my housemate crew.
03: the way boys do things - They like things cheap, and they enjoy a good game, and can tell you why.
04: balls of blue - I help Kim with setting up her new computer.
05: smiling gods of the alley - I find lots of electronic gear.
06: the smoke of detonating bombs - I work some more on Kim's computer.
07: corn chip excess - More tales of frugality in West LA.
08: I feel like I can do - Some pictures of me post Kim/post haircut.
09: to tuck or not tuck - Kim's new cast and crew in Venice, with a round-about analysis of female interest in men.
10: African bean stew - John prepares a lazy Sunday lunch.
11: estupido - In politics and on national teevee of course.
12: boyish wonder - All about a would-be actor named Farley.
13: morality virus - Drive-by dumpster diving.
14: cheap date - Drive-by romance.
15: sun permeates all - Cold water flows lukewarm from the tap in Los Angeles.
16: online glossaries - Drive-by romance.
17: bum behind the dumpster - How bad things can get.
18: downstairs bathroom - I add a dumpster-dived mirror and cabinet.
19: for crackheads - Idle AOL Instant Messenger banter.
20: wasted motion on a wasted day - Trouble with computers at Work I and Work II.
21: deal breaker - Trouble at work, with Kim, and with the satirically-challenged of Littleton, CO.
22: big boring meeting - The CTO gives the 80-man tech team a re-org presentation at the Double Tree Hotel in Santa Monica.
23: possible fire in the hole - I teach John my housemate how to use Access, though I've never used it myself. I also drill through a deep floor with a makeshift drill bit.
24: big phone bill - I realized today that my AOL calls to Compton had been long distance.
25: smushy corporate chains of command - I learn a few things trying to dispute some AOL charges.
26: emotional management - Continuing to deal with the issue of a large AOL-caused phone bill.
27: Jamie take that - I watch Jamie from Big Brother get the boot.
28: Kim's elaborate studio - Kim and Maria do a photoshoot in their bathtub and I have a not-especially-miserable time setting up more of her equipment.
29: Friday Night at Bathtub Central - More work on Kim's website.
30: vodkatea in West LA - After introducing everyone to vodkatea, I go out with housemate John and friends for another mediocre evening.