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   May 2003

01: more obvious weaknesses - I begin cleaning a garage.
02: proper place - Putting everything away in the garage.
03: convenient break in the dreariness - Mavis the weird cat and Gretchen attends a dismal rock show in Woodstock.
04: carrying mulatto babies - Could a white boy gangsta be my friend in this area?
05: muddy gash through a flower bed - A marriage license and some more last-minute landscaping.
06: single-blind taste tests - Which Shiraz to have for the wedding?
07: replacing the verbiage - Preparing the wedding vows.
08: replacing the verbiage - Preparing the wedding vows.
09: married - I get married to Gretchen in Kingston and then party at the Armadillo Grill.
10: wedding party in Hurley - We throw a huge wedding party at our not-so-humble home.
11: genetic weather - Watching the genes swirl among my relatives.
12: Catskill honeymoon - We drive 30 miles into the mountain for our real honeymoon.
13: leftover wine - I snack on ruined wine throughout the day.
14: a little beyond the preferred material state - I cook a softer pasta when Gretchen returns from the dentist.
15: plumbing tools for piano fixing - I fix a crack in my piano's sustain pedal.
16: root the Matrix - I discuss what isn't being said about SARS and I watch a big blockbuster movie for free.
17: Roll over Betoven - I find a wooden cross in the woods.
18: tragedies large, small, and inevitable - We give Sally a good day because she will die some day. And a nesting phoebe is killed by our cat.
19: hidden within an artist's rendering - My new crown covers an ugly stump.
20: above all, don't run your bulldozer into trees you want to keep - My landscaping philosophy.
21: organ-donating doubts - Gretchen is afraid her organs might end up in some meat-eating asshole.
22: removing the key in the conventional way - I have a hacked key for my Toyota truck, and this means I need to take precautions when shutting it down for the night.
23: discovering Ontenora Lake - It's a nice little park behind a strip mall on Route 28 between Kingston and Woodstock.
24: chocolate fields along Esopus Creek - A little twilight hike from the Hurley Mountain Inn.
25: shop-on - A shopping spree in Kingston followed by a movie in Rosendale.
26: rainy Memorial Day - The Lord frowns on our nations day of veteran memorial.
27: a world carved from soap - I foolishly handle concrete with my bare hands.
28: silence to the thief - Using KaZaA to download fucked-up non-songs labeled as being from Radiohead's unreleased album.
29: deep anachronism - Comparing and contrasting the 1981 version of The Postman Always Rings Twice with Far From Heaven and the rock album Alien Lanes.
30: chipmunks: stupid, smart, lucky, and otherwise - They're very common on Hurley Mountain Road this spring.
31: effectiveness of display ads in tabloid newspapers - I take out a display ad in the local paper and get lots of interest in my computer repair business.