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Tuesday, May 6 2003
It was a day of errands. A wine errand, a beer errand, and an incidental videotape errand at an alternative video rental place out on 28 West (they didn't have Basket Case). There was also a blank CD & CD label errand at Staples (oh the joy of merchandise that lacks anti-theft dongles!) followed by a citronella candle and spicerack errand at Linens and Things.
We stopped for pizza at a dingy little strip pizza joint in the vicinity of Staples and the place proved yet again that Hudson River Valley is the world's axis of quality pizza baking. The crust is thicker here than in the City, and cooks are not afraid to ladle on the sauce. I jokingly attributed this to Midwestern influences (seriously - we're at sort of confluence of New England and the Great Lakes region), but Gretchen (who lived in Milwaukee for a few years) was somewhat skeptical.
This evening I began cleaning out my laboratory so it could be used as a dance floor during the wedding. I'll have to cover it with a layer of polyurethane before unleashing the heavy traffic.
To decide what wine to have at our wedding party, Gretchen and I held a series of single-blind taste tests. We were trying to determine which among four Australian Shirazes was our mutual favorite. Interestingly, though, we always preferred opposite wines when comparing any two. We were in agreement, however, that all of today's Shirazes were superior to the flavorless Indaba South African Merlot we'd tried the night before.

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