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   December 2005

01: plumbing poetry - Also, researching an energy-efficient refrigerator.
02: two tempeh reubens - I manage to eat both Ulster County's best and the second best in the same day.
03: for nearly four - A target of one of Gretchen's matchmaking schemes breaks his three hour rule.
04: snowy day with Polyester - Also, electroplating a crappy piece of electrical equipment to make it look less golden.
05: plumbing addiction: slab water tempering techniques - Thinking about simulating a thermostatic mixer valve with electric valves.
06: improvements for the Constitution - Also, some buyer's remorse about the Toyota Prius.
07: heat exchangers and specific heat - Also, the demographics at the local surplus raw materials retailer.
08: Eulogy, the movie - It earns a let's burn it.
09: the rockandrollisphere - Tracking down an elusive song and finally understanding something by the Red House Painters.
10: rare instance of actual Intelligent Design - Though it doesn't mean Macs work well with Handsprings.
11: even when the sun is invisible - A review of What the Bleep Do We Know? and the latest solar sufficiency circuit.
12: human heat in kilowatt-hours/year - A number arrived at after determining the heat capacity of my basement slab.
13: heat tape weather - I resort to electric heating to thaw out my solar collector's pipes. Also a review of The 40 Year Old Virgin.
14: never trust a robot you didn't make - I entrust a robot from Target or some such place to turn on my heat tape and of course it doesn't.
15: dollar store Christmas shoppers - Waiting for my car to be inspected, I venture into a low-priced retail outlet.
16: Mercury Rev in Woodstock - A benefit for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.
17: Strange Fruit in the living room - A filmmaker comes to a viewing and does a Q&A about his documentary.
18: sometimes you have to rip it apart - Dealing with a persistent plumbing leak.
19: if they were smart they'd weigh - Hating everything about Home Depot and intrigued by a story about the Rev. Carlton Pearson.
20: full of inedible rubber bands - A bank job in Phoenicia.
21: gridlock to Redhook - Carpooling over the Hudson to a rendezvous with a flavorless burrito.
22: tallow cabbage - I burn some animal fat dragged in through the pet door.
23: Murderball - A review of that movie about quad rugby.
24: early Jewish Christmas - Dinner on Ulster Avenue and a sneak-in viewing of a blockbuster. Also, an incident of Friendster spam.
25: Christmas in the Berkshires - We pick up a Honda Civic at beach town in New Hampshire and drive back to a Christmas in the Berkshires.
26: MassMoCHA creepy - Further west through the Berkshires on the way home.
27: support our snoops - The teeshirt.
28: mid-tempo clockbeat - A blast from the idiot rock past and I'm driven to buy music.
29: Rosendale crawl - A going out of business sale in the cutest village in the Hudson Valley.
30: it's Ulster County - So don't get huffy at the DMV.
31: best possible reservoirs - New Years at the in laws.