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   January 2008

01: dozens of people flipping burgers - Watching I, Robot.
02: spot heat me - Maybe I should heat my work areas parabolically.
03: Giuliani schandenfreude - Iowa caucuses, 2008.
04: striking chainsaw - For some reason it refuses to work on the side of Dug Hill Road.
05: more of that Edwards fire - Watching presidential debates before the New Hampshire primary.
06: released in Woodstock - Gretchen releases her first book.
07: book tour: Bethesda - Gretchen reads for friends of the family and the north-DC poetry scene.
08: in Creekside Manor - In the trailer that had once belonged to the neighbors with whom my family had once feuded.
09: Win the War! - A hip gallery in Redneckistan.
10: vegan food in redneck heaven - Gretchen cooks her famous vegan lasagna and then reads poetry in Staunton.
11: vast growing haystack of noise - Trying to find an elusive box of disks at my parents' house.
12: Chinese potato chip - Using some new cheap Chinese tools.
13: perfect work choreography - I take advantage of warm weather to work outside and take advantage of working outside to replace my hard drive.
14: bed overcrowding - The critters will sleep wherever a human is sleeping.
15: flatulent Scrabble game - Also: entertaining myself with visions of Giuliani turning on a spit in Hell.
16: head might detonate - Dianetics and dental hygiene.
17: blaming my xiphoid process - A working theory for all my esophageal woes.
18: hypochondria by proxy - Eleanor's heart is alright.
19: baking a cake - I bake my first cake ever for Gretchen's 37th birthday.
20: another rash - Probably from too many cashews.
21: ASPCA insurance - The exceptions you only lear about once you file a claim.
22: snuff entertainment - The Moth and watching To Catch a Predator.
23: what not to do while eating a bagel with lox spread - Don't discuss Crohn's disease.
24: four computers from freedom - Installing computers in a prison computer lab.
25: Stone Age and Information Age - An ancient technique keeps me comfortable while I compute.
26: big stationary hurricane - Watching Born on the Fourth of July.
27: people don't actually program universal remotes - But I do, and I'll spend hours trying to save a universal remote that works well.
28: cellphones and prisoners - At an orientation meeting this morning, it was stressed that cellphones and prisoners should not be allowed to come in contact with each other.
29: spare-changed by an SUV-driving hippie - A wacky day at Onteora Lake.
30: great site for a prison windmill farm - Installing more computers in prison computer labs.
31: toss of the pink dice - Watching Small Town Gay Bar and eating quinoa.