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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Big Brother Christians Jesus Geek Pac Man Greenwich Village Skid Row Los Angeles Stihl Pine American Idol Tivo Gormley Hudson Verizon Chelsea Manhattan NY PHP Andrea Gretch Valley Mall

February - WiFi West Saugerties Road Beep Beeeeeeeeeeep TML Objective C W Dream YouTube Penny David Phone

March - Arduino Subaru Spanish SUNY Eastern Correctional Facility New York Woodbourne Microsoft

April - State Park Virginia Cacapon Jessika Charlottesville Adventureland Dude Dead Religulous Kerhonkson Fun Peggy Chinese America Rocker Wonderboard ASPy Intel Firfox

May - Indian Standard This Life Nvidia Sensor Plug Windows Portland Star Trek HTML PCI Beach Boys Hill

June - Poison Ivy GFI FM Township M Seattle Zen Juan Vancouver Island Fuca Olympic Mount Rainier Paradise Lodge Failing Hood Elementary School Southwest Stripey Cat

July - DECT Map Google Colony Caf Bearsville Fourth First Italian Trail Phoebe Sally Phone Sacha Baron Cohen RAWL Rosendale Wikipedia Hazards Love Decemberists Robert Pirsig Mountain Bob Dylan Zena RT

August - Cambrian Arthropod Funny People Adirondack Brook George Clarence Spot East Einstein Pod Earth MySQL Jack Mushroom Philadelphia Post Cor

September - BM KMOCA DHTML Deliverance Republican Party Breaking Bad Rapture Creation Science Group Policy Sullivan County Chernobyl Rochelle BRAWL

October - Skytop VC Invention Lying Purple Martin VD Microsoft LT Coast Stone Ridge BLT High Falls DF Bard College DPE Wolfram Alpha Alone

November - Javascript Connecticut Boston French PVC League Humane Voters Line Shack Observe Report Rhinecliff Grey Gardens Jersey Dogpark Tour Washington DC

December - Crazy Dave Ray Nancy Basin Ball Keegan Ales Basement Jewish Balderdash Shining John Dillinger