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   December 2008

01: cutting edge of third world techniques - Roofing and transporting roof materials in a small car.
02: cheap OSB temptation - So much cheaper than plywood, I decide to use it for roof sheathing.
03: boiler on, 2008 - Also, an unexpected visit from the Hurley building inspector.
04: seahorse pathos - Seeing Mercury Rev again in Bearsville.
05: flappin' yer yap - Gretchen has a troubling encounter with the son of a neighboring property owner.
06: too much beer in the fridge - It's like too many LCD monitors, man!
07: prefab waffles - A cold and windy day and a celebrity guest.
08: something in the world of vegan culinary art - Our non-vegan friends school us on some new vegan cheeses.
09: small mortar window - Taking advantage of a gap in the cold weather to do some last-minute concrete. Also, why I like writing code.
10: two strange ads - A fake newspaper and something in the format of Jeopardy programming.
11: carburetor disassembly - The damn chainsaw continues to suck, so I open it up to try to find out why.
12: headwaters of a fast-running brook - Lots of rain means easy-to-gather clean rocks to fill the foundation trench of my greenhouse.
13: zany night of comedic musical hijinks - Live at the Bearsville Theater after Chinese food at the Little Bear.
14: real talent - Also, a review of Be Kind Rewind.
15: greenhouse roofed - A construction dash on an unusually warm day in December.
16: foam seat - Also, a holiday party in Rhinecliff followed by Chinese food in Kingston and then snow.
17: casters versus wheelchair wheels - Building a large wooden handtruck to help me move large panels of glass to my greenhouse.
18: big glass installed - I put the three big panes of insulated glass on my greenhouse.
19: Lexus in snow - Rear wheel drive isn't a good choice of car when you live at the top of a very steep hill.
20: window unit in the snow - I install the window unit I built yesterday.
21: vegan cupcakes and scratched pistons - Preparing cupcakes for shipping and investigating a troubled chainsaw.
22: cold weather working is possible - But you have to watch out for your fingers.
23: cracks in the charity - Underlying the season of giving is foreboding and selfishness.
24: Christmas Eve charity, 2008 - Ending with a Jameson party back at my house.
25: warm Christmas, 2008 - I spend most of it out at my greenhouse.
26: winter digging - Below four inches of frozen ground, the soil is like birthday cake.
27: window in a closet door - I cut a hole in a closet door and install a pane of double-glazed glass.
28: increasing a closet door's R value - Also I see Slumdog Millionaire.
29: urgent message of discomfort - Chilled beyond being outdoors in the cold.
30: tree fall on Dug Hill Road - A tree falls across the road and we lose power. Also, listening to podcasts.
31: 2009 celebratory drinking - Last minute sealing of the greenhouse before New Years Eve partying.