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Wednesday, January 7 2009
The nice thing about having a reliable working gasoline-powered chainsaw is being able to just go and cut the fuck out of some wood. For example, there was a piece of that White Pine that fell on the power line a week or so ago that was too big for me to bring home with my handtruck. Today I crossed the street like some sort of iconic movie protagonist and cut that piece into three segments. There was a weak snowstorm happening at the time, and when I went to bring back the segments with my handtruck I had to wait at one point for the passage of a Town of Hurley snowplow. Whenever I see people drive past in their warm vehicles, either my crude firewood salvaging operations seem anachronistic or their driving seems anachronistic depending on the level of gloom I feel about the bubble (and it is a bubble) known as Modern Man.

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