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   April 2008

01: sick on the beach - Another of my travel illnesses.
02: sleepy peccary - Snorkling near Isla Tortuga in Costa Rica.
03: brief boogie - Costa Rican waves kick our ass.
04: parking lot ablutions - Return from Costa Rica.
05: temperate reality - Back from Costa Rica, at least the April weather is nice.
06: paint thinner poof - A bad way to dispose of paint thinner.
07: bridges for glass - Continuing my prep work for glazing my homebrew solar panel.
08: putting real glass on my homebrew solar panel - In the process I shatter a pane and slice open my finger.
09: chickens of industrial society - Setting up a computer for a client in the process of gradually moving to the Carribean.
10: manifold welding - Also picking up a hitch hiker in Hurley.
11: pizza and beer ritual - Gretchen thinks a little ritual is good, and so she bakes a vegan pizza.
12: running ropes through the cab - Moving particle board with a Honda Civic hatchback.
13: stepped-on name brand - Gretchen returns with strange food items after a trip to New Hampshire.
14: spray foam ought to be banned - ...But it's so fucking useful!
15: tiny bubbles rise and collapse - The panel gets hotter than boiling and I notice my fixed leak isn't perfect.
16: Honda Civic vs. Accord cage match - A bit of bad luck at the bottom of Dug Hill Road.
17: hatchback dissection day one - Pulling parts out from beneath the crumpled hood. Also, missing a chance to buy an exact replacement.
18: hatchback dissection day two - Siphoning gas and watching a movie set during the Chilean coup.
19: no apparent demographic effect - Pesach day one, 2008.
20: no nostalgia value - Another day, another pesach.
21: found art dashboard skeleton - Also, an idea of what people should have to do with their suddenly-useless cars.
22: most egocentric people of the pre-dystopian past - Puttering around the house and listening to a podcast focused on the imperfect early days of cryonics.
23: human hands and the gorgeousness of nature - Dealing with entropy in the spring.
24: hole in that schedule - A meeting at Bard and Hot Fuzz, the DVD.
25: hatchback under the hoop - Moving the gutted car away from the Poison Ivy.
26: asymptotic approach of omnipotence - Removing glass from the hatchback, sawing pieces off its front, bending screwdrivers, and melting glass shards.
27: meatloaf and an Ebay car - Unexpected pleasures and pains.
28: accepting news of my defeat - A list of car problems, and paperwork problems with that car as well.
29: nut machining - Little fixes for the new hatchback.
30: hatchbacks on the entire Intertube - Yet more paperwork hell for the Ebay-purchased hatchback.