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   July 2009

01: passive repeater experiment - Trying to get DECT 6.0 service in a concrete greenhouse.
02: Google Map pilot - Flying around the country using Google Maps and fast broadband.
03: Colony replacement - We don't go to a Colony Café replacemen in Bearsville.
04: July Fourth First Saturday - Art openings in Kingston, ending with mediocre Italian food.
05: coax on the Stick Trail - An experiment with remote positioning of a DECT 6.0 antenna.
06: to improve a path - Metal detecting, improvised bearing construction, and mosquito swatting, all for three sheets of bluestone. Also, some DECT 6.0 experimentation.
07: detrash Tuesday - Though a windshield remains tied to the roof rack.
08: appropriate stone shelf - I make a little stone shelf in the greenhouse where the phone gets reasonable reception.
09: experimental infrastructure - More DECT 6.0 experiments and painting the outside of the greenhouse.
10: Phoebe curse continues - Observations while out and about, recording some piano noodling, and another Phoebe meets an untimely end.
11: floor pasta - Right wing radio, anti-mold jihad, and Ray in the kitchen.
12: banging the breaker bar - Ray helps me extract a blade from a recalcitrant lawn mower.
13: eau de Eleanor - Also, Sally's fabulous natural smell and I take delivery of an iPhone.
14: bronze monument of villainy - Picturing a way to remember global warming villains well into the time their damage manifests.
15: ramping up the gay discomfort - Gretchen and I see the latest from Sacha Baron Cohen.
16: bluestone boulder gap - I start on an odd project to jack apart two parts of a huge rock.
17: BRAWL in Rosendale - A fun women's arm wrestling competition at the Rosendale Café.
18: famous enough - Yard saling and personal Wikipedia fame.
19: palimpsest environments of any complexity - Complaining about complexity in the computational world.
20: weedeater jihad - Two new forms of mowing equipment arrive.
21: low-impact tree distintegration - The top of a long-dead White Pine snaps off while I am nearby.
22: The Hazards of Love - A quick review of the Decemberists album.
23: scary teenagers of Woodstock - These formidable adult-sized creatures operated by brains containing so little information.
24: cauliflower and baking soda - Stomach discomfort and slow hacking through the jungles of Robert Pirsig.
25: limits of available time - Gretchen likes to head off for appointments at the last second.
26: north side of Ohayo Mountain - A book signing party in Bob Dylan's former residence.
27: cheap beer and water temperature changes - A new swimming hole near Woodstock on Zena Road.
28: end of a CRT - With other monitors goes one I used heavily for six and a half years.
29: energy and carbon sequestration - Why bother sequestering when people are building new coal powered electric plants?
30: berry patch on Peak Road - They end up in a pie eaten in a cabin in Saugerties.
31: sixteen ounce chunks of dead artiodactyle - Eating out with friends absent the vegan wife leads to some telling ordering decisions.