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   August 2009

01: steampunk scissors - I fix a cheap pair of scissors with a stick welder. Also, unexpected guest-hosting aided by a frying pan of beans.
02: gin to rum - The cheap liquor I drink.
03: hypertext stupor - Not stepping on red efts and a Wikipedia safari from the Cambrian explosion to the Arthropod head problem.
04: army surplus greenhouse - Painting everything olive drab.
05: gin to rum - The cheap liquor I drink.
06: the Baby and the laboratory - Also, more pictures of the greenhouse.
07: unnecessary drive to Bearsville - Though I do get some salvaged lumber and a dirty look.
08: smoke test - I build a smoke machine and then look for leaks from the foundation fill around my greenhouse.
09: thwarted by a thunderstorm - Also, seeing Funny People with Penny and David.
10: yurting again - We return to the Adirondack yurts
11: Falls Brook caves - I discover a long, horizontal cave running through granite.
12: not around Lake George - Driving home from a summer yurt-based vacation.
13: cats and hard drives - Worried about Clarence and I install a new hard drive.
14: Snoop and the rodents - Tech naming conventions and closing off rodent access to the house.
15: stung at the Secret Spot - A hot summer day punctuated by a moment of acute pain.
16: stray bullets at the Secret Spot - But mosquitoes are what drive us away. And Gretchen loses her grandmother's wedding ring.
17: actually a cistern - I've changed my mind on what the greenhouse well will actually be.
18: problems bigger than lawns - In the East, at least, vegetation abhors a vacuum.
19: movie malaise - In this seasons it's easiest to just be passively entertained.
20: common sense appeal to the Dorito - Fresh summer salad and cranky deniers of Einstein.
21: tending a record player - It's easier to just have an iPod provide your party tunes.
22: in the car until it starts - Sally shows confidence that eventually I'll get the Subaru revived despite its dead battery.
23: Chanterelle Valley - Fresh summer salad and cranky deniers of Einstein.
24: mold, sun, and other catastrophes - A laundry jihad and learning that the Earth's future is shorter than I'd thought.
25: visualized subqueries - I add some new capabilities to my MySQL freeform query tool.
26: glowing mushroom - I find a Jack-O-Lantern Mushroom in the ravine.
27: podcasts and weed whacking - Watching the wolf spiders scatter.
28: non-sidewalks of Edison - Beginning a trip to Philadelphia.
29: Queen Village - Visiting a friend in center-city Philadelphia.
30: the Barnes - A visit to an overwhelming display of Post-Impressionist masterpieces.
31: muffler spring hole - I fix a muffler by welding on a large patch of Cor-Ten steel.