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Wednesday, August 5 2009
Along with the slugs, millipedes, and mosquitoes, there are a number of large spiders in the greenhouse. I haven't seen him for over a week, but one monster has a legspan of two and a half inches, and occasionally I'd see a cast off pair of eight-legged trousers, indicating he'd just shed his skin. Life is good for a spider in the greenhouse what with all the insects that stumble in and can't find their way out. But I'm a little creeped out by the really big spiders, and occasionally I'll move them outside, though that big guy kept coming back in on his own.
At some point today today I put in another shift of painting in the greenhouse using the olive drab green paint. There was a big spider up high near the top of the south-facing glass on the beam the glass leans against, and I wanted to paint that to protect it from winter condensation. So I nudged the spider out of the way, and, not being too bright, he waded out into the wet paint. This didn't seem to bother him, nor did it seem to stick to his legs, because when he eventually walked somewhere else he did not leave a path of olive drab tracks.

We've been getting grape tomatoes for weeks, but today we finally got our first large tomatoe, the kind one can slice and put in sandwiches. (I'd been slicing the smaller kind for sandwich use, but it made for messy sandwiches.)
The rainy weather has thrown a monkeywrench into the normal functioning of nature. Two cauliflowers rotted on the plant, and Japanese Beetles are munching on tomato plants (something I'd never seen them do before). Meanwhile I've noticed that Black Birch has an unusually weak wintergreen flavor, there are still no (or few) hummingbirds, and katydids haven't started their evening chuh-chu-chu-chus (usually they start in late July), though I did see a nymph katydid a couple weeks ago.

I've been researching a complicated, mostly undocumented proprietary platform in hopes of maybe getting a job developing database extensions for it. There is a real world manifestation of this platform, a certain game that can be played on Facebook. In the course of my research, I found myself getting addicted to this game, and this evening I played it for much longer than I would be willing to say. I won't tell you what the game is, partly because it's embarrassing, but also because my interactions with this platform are covered under a rather broad non-disclosure agreement.

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