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Wednesday, August 19 2009
What with the heat, humidity, mosquitoes, endless parade of political stupidity, and vague feelings of economic uncertainty and middle-age malaise, it hasn't been easy to find the motivation to do much more than chip away the floor of the greenhouse well, even if all that can be removed are teaspoon-sized slivers. I'm not normally given to watching movies, as I don't like committing myself to being any particular place for the amount of time it takes a movie to play through. But I've been watching movies lately, as it's one of the most comfortable ways to pass the time in this season. It's not that I set out to watch these movies; it's that Gretchen is watching them as I walk past on my way to the laboratory and I find myself sucked in.
This was how I came to watch Clockwatchers , part of the the Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events movie (Jim Carrey rendered it unwatchable) and most of Dazed and Confused. Of these, Clockwatchers was definitely the best, though it was slow and serene and not all that much actually happened. But I'm a sucker for movies showcasing the dreary comedy of modern life, and I'm also a big Parker Posey fan. I love those impish grins and wild, spasmodic gesticulations. Where is she now?

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