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   September 2009

01: seamless workstation transition - I swap in a semi-duplicate computer for Gretchen and she barely notices.
02: problematic hibernate - All because the hard drive is slave and not master.
03: bat in space - I decorate a bat box with a trippy painting.
04: ladder conversation - It's a good thing not to have.
05: IBM relics - A show about Kingston at KMOCA.
06: dissecting a scarecrow - Loving Wikipedia and shooting stereoscopic photos.
07: best route - Collision avoidance in a DHTML database mapper.
08: fast White Pine growth - Also, I see the movie Deliverance.
09: squirrely squirrel - Also, a coldly-authoritarian appeal.
10: men singing rock with women - A collection nearly as white as the Republican Party.
11: great television, crazy cinema - Reviews of Breaking Bad and the Rapture.
12: unnecessary eye protection - Your eyes are tougher than your mother taught you.
13: thylacines from wolves - The state of Creation Science research.
14: freedom like the web - A web server provides a way around an arcane prison computer security system built with Windows Group Policy.
15: career paths in the hinterland - If it weren't for the prisons, Sullivan County, NY, would be almost as jobless and empty as Chernobyl.
16: social skills and crap - When it's fun to talk tech and how much shit a human pushes out in a week.
17: Jupiter and its moons - I see the moons through a telescope for the first time.
18: pizza with a ghostwritee - Also, a Spanish segment on mainstream American television.
19: backwards blade, suppressing dust - An ignorant chainsaw mistake and getting serious about bedrock sawing.
20: hang on to something that's working - Why I keep chipping away at the greenhouse well.
21: outhouse site - I come up with a place for flushless number twos.
22: podcasts and toil - The intimate connection podcast narratives develop with the details of the menial work.
23: shiva in New Rochelle - Noting the passing of the father of our friend Penny.
24: non-cuticle arcs - Digging with bare hands and then handling concrete with those same hands.
25: Keegan BRAWL - Another women's arm wrestling event.
26: Indian food for older white women - A cooking class teaching my wife and some of her friends how to prepare bland Indian food.
27: hammerheaded worm - A crazy menagerie on the glass of my greenhouse.
28: math for adults - Performing some trigonometry, I reflect on how little math I actually do in my day to day life.
29: preferring galvanized roofing - But somehow buying roll roofing instead.
30: chewing pine cambium - Where my outhouse project led me today.