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   the Baby and the laboratory
Thursday, August 6 2009
In this season Marie (aka "the Baby") prefers to sleep in the laboratory, at least that's how she's been this year. Last summer, which was considerably hotter, she spent more time outdoors). With its attic location, generally poor fenestration, and computer equipment, the laboratory is the hottest room in this house in the summer time, but this summer that additional warmth has actually made it more comfortable at night (temperatures have been dropping into the 50s).
Like last summer and fall, this summer there's been problems with the Baby deciding she can't be bothered with going to the actual litter box to poop, and so she just poops at some place that she deems suitable in the laboratory, usually in the area where the west ceiling meets the floor, in a place where I keep power supplies and rechargeable batteries. Traditionally I kept a long, narrow carpet fragment here, but it began to stink so strongly of cat urine that the other day I was forced to rip it out and hosed it down in the driveway. The Baby pooped on the floor once since I removed the carpet, but the experience must have been unsatisfying because she's been going to the litterbox in the upstairs bathroom ever since. Unfortunately, she prefers to poop beside that litterbox instead of inside it; it doesn't seem to matter how clean we keep it.

Pictures I took tonight down at the greenhouse:

Looking in from the outside through the south-facing glass.

From outside.

Inside the greenhouse, looking at its southwest corner.

Inside the greenhouse, looking at its southeast corner (and door).

The floor inside, looking northwest. Note the well hole.

I was visited by Clarence the cat.

Clarence viewed from the camera held down to water level in the well.

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