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   March 2010

01: how I became vegan - Finally I even give up pizza.
02: exclusively in that layer - I can't crank out straight HTML even on the most simple project.
03: better BetterExplode - I go all plus plus on my ultimate delimited-text parser. Also, some American Idol content.
04: not quite post-racial - Not on American Idol at least.
05: eyes examined - I go to an eye doctor for the first time in my life.
06: new tensioner - Finding a way to make my discoball rotate reliably.
07: rose petal icecream - What I think it might taste like, and the first outdoor meal of the year.
08: sun amid snow - Also, analysis tools for the range of data in a database table.
09: attempting Celexa - I try my wife's antidepressants.
10: Celexa and libido - I stop taking the antidepressant when it starts affecting things downtown.
11: cap swapping - Also, remote synchronized teevee watching and two classic movies.
12: pinecones and small pieces of wood - Rain-driven kindling gathering and deadline-driven web development.
13: salty food and whey - Eating Planters peanuts and Pringles and watching teevee.
14: other capacitors - Looking at my other devices to see which might have failed due to bad capacitors.
15: optical giant - My new glasses make me feel tall. But the prescription isn't volunteered.
16: boiler off, 2010 - Mid March, and the weather is good enough to discontinue household central heating.
17: Atomic upgrade - Gretchen's main computer, Badger, gets upgraded from the world of Pentium 4 to a dual-core processor running twice as fast and putting out a quarter of the waste heat.
18: at some point you have to give up - Standby doesn't work on Gretchen's computer and I can't figure out why.
19: 70s and 50s - Warm March weather and trying to watch a movie from the mid 1950s.
20: the redneck stops shooting - ...and Sarah arrives, so then we can eat.
21: warm spring night in Kingston - Watching weridos from the Indian restaurant.
22: explode at the head - The schadenfreude of Obamacare's passage.
23: lankiness and vapidly - Miley Cyrus mentors American Idol.
24: dirt road to a galaxy - Formatting a big hard drive.
25: reappraisal of the New World - This time we're waited on by our houseguest Ray.
26: evaporative freezing - Also, a first encounter with Windows 7.
27: good Chinese food decision - In New England on for Chinese food on a busy Saturday night.
28: lost in the pile - My cans of beer amongst Ray's.
29: foggy forest in March - I take a bunch of early spring pictures.
30: fruits of Crays - Watching a bad movie just because of its groundbreaking computer graphics.
31: fruits of Bittorrent - A company figures out how to monetize piracy.