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   sweaty September
Wednesday, September 11 2013
Another year, another 9Eleven. The weather took a turn for the unbearably hot and unpleasantly humid today. This morning when I walked the dogs in a big loop that included the Farm Road and the Canary Hill Trail, just the effort of walking was enough to drench my teeshirt in sweat. In the late afternoon it was too hot to do any actual work, so I took a 90 minute nap. I recently read somewhere that a 90 minute nap is perfect for restoring the mind without that drag-ass feeling that results from shorter naps. Still, getting out of bed required willpower. For awhile there I just stared at my arm and it looked as impossible to move as a sock lying on the floor.
One out of bed, I immediately made a chili. Later I also made a pot of rice so Gretchen would have a complete meal when she returned from her overnight in Manhattan. (Beans alone are enough for me as long as I have some sort of tortilla, but Gretchen prefers rice with her beans.)

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