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   September 2014

01: mystery fossil and mineral - Things I find in the bedrock.
02: crowded around a table in a bar - It would have been nice to be able to talk with Ray about his new Black and Decker battery powered chainsaw without having to shout across the table.
03: full of little hills - Eating into the surface below the layer of hard bluestone.
04: football-sized nodules of bluestone - What I find within the undulating hills exposed in the bluestone layers.
05: featureless plane (a kind of plain) - Also: where is my cash card?
06: celebrating with Triscuits - A chunk of tooth breaks off and for the first time in months, I can chew on the right side of my mouth.
07: Phoebe returns - The three legged cat is caught by a guy down on Hurley Mountain Road and resumes acclimating in our house after an 88 day hiatus.
08: white paint warning - How to avoid accidentally plugging in an AC wall wart.
09: no evidence of a roof leak - Checking out the new investment house we are buying.
10: the drive to Kyser Lake - We begin our late-summer Adirondack vacation for 2014.
11: steep walls of Kyser Lake - Also, getting spring water in Dolgeville, NY.
12: about those pines - You can't go on vacation without getting a troubling email.
13: Little Falls Garlic Festival - It's a cold, rainy day, but I see my first beauty pageant.
14: last night barbecue on Kyser Lake - Overcharring some mushrooms and onions.
15: Lake Edward is still the best - We keep looking at other Adirondack Lakes but they just don't compare.
16: Phoebe escapes again - She evidently figured out our pet door in a single night, just like Walter had.
17: a massive (and seemingly indestructible) chisel - I break the bit of my jackhammer after a month of use. I also discover a rat's nest in the greenhouse basement and the dogs have another fight with Susan and David's.
18: in the market for our third refrigerator - After some legal paperwork for our new investment house, we go shopping for a new refrigerator.
19: two kinds of grease - I get some for my jackhammer and Gretchen attends a performance of the musical in Rhinebeck.
20: being seedy, 2014 - Also, a showing of Grease and the eating of Chipotle.
21: reaching the shale - I break through to the easily-excavated rock, with a promise of continued easy excavation to great depth.
22: refrigerator three - Also, I'm addicted to excavating rock now that the greenhouse sub-basement has finally reached the shale.
23: mysterious gas and water in the shale - No, I don't mean fracking, though a jackhammer comes up.
24: risk to buying used containers - Is it old lady perfume or insecticide that I'm smelling?
25: the easy kind of bluestone - Why sometimes it's better to be digging through bluestone than shale.
26: more of an art project - A hole without a practical purpose and practical fix viewed as art.
27: church holodeck - An art opening in Cottekill and work on the greenhouse rail dolly.
28: rail dolly hoist - I install and debug the lift system in the greenhouse.
29: 70 pounds and pulleys - To lift such a weight, you definitely need mechanical advantage.
30: crumbly layer - 87 inches down, the rock proves rotten.