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January - New River Lamanai Belize Zoo Americans PS CDs China Time Infrared Thermometer App Uptown Celeron J1900 Peak Cold David Generated Ellen DeGeneres

February - Yukon Gold Ses York State Murdo Batavia NY Rondout Queer Eye Straight Guy Chromebook Apple Cinema Display Ridge Market Mall Valentines Better Call Saul Ray Allahu Akbar Falling

March - Jordanian Holiday Inn Best Western Outdated Stand Stuff Suzy Scout Spring Ramona Priest I2C White Pine Hell Your Flag Pin Facebookiverse II

April - Down Syndrome Meskerem Shaw Dog Park Maryland District Columbia Adderall Bear Dual Survival Black ShopRite IP AVR Reagans Celeste M Game Thrones Old Valley Happyish

May - Airplane Jersey City Asheville IPAs Subaru Smoky Mountains Dollywood Charlotte Bobby Dallas Near South Bering Sea PDF Paltz Memorial Day Going Clear Ronnie James Dio

June - Treetop Cat Rescue Upstate Rosendale Dremel Boyhood Ambien EDs Reservoir Ashokan Nancy Skype Obamacare Italian Indigo Bunting Angular Works GreenWorks

July - Rose GreenWorks Ivy Mountain True Detective Catskills Bali ATTiny Asia Catskill Pizza Chinese MHz PC ATTiny85 Arduino Tannersville Maverick Road Creek Katydid Chicken Woods Ninth Pond Adirondack Loon

August - Vapir NO2 Palenville EliteBook Regedit Ghettoford Chicory Rectify Mich Donald Trump Sassafras Appalachian Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Dream

September - Donalds Mohawk Bleecker Adirondacks Wall Atmega8 Little Belt Republicans Squirrel Flying MP3 Carrie Los Angeles Mexican Ahmed Mohamed Max7219 YouTube

October - Muslim D Film Festival Wood Brothers Mark FTP Spheres Warner Susan Bearsville Back Future Rush Raleigh Katydids Booker

November - Mondays ID Eleanor West Garden W SuperGlue War Prius L Thanksgive The Man High Castle Stevie Wonder Walk

December - Asecular Brooklyn Bell Mac DVI Tibetan Center Salvation Army Coach Eric Taylor Ecuador Galapagos Cristobal Marine Iguanas Hood Mockingbirds