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   December 2014

01: casting techniques while soldering - Soldering copper pieces together that were never meant to fit together.
02: still can't find the perfect podcatcher - And gPodder appears to have been developed by arrogant assholes.
03: a pretty basic requirement - Podcatchers need to download podcasts. Hard drives need to connect to computers. These are the basic requirements.
04: a pretty basic requirement - Podcatchers need to download podcasts. Hard drives need to connect to computers. These are the basic requirements.
05: work-arounds weren't working well enough - I work through some trouble after abandoning the host for my Network Attached Storage.
06: pissed off cat and possible metal whiskers - I run over a cat's tail with my wheelchair and later a motherboard mysteriously fails.
07: the trajectory of a DeLonghi mixer - After being unhappy with it for years, Gretchen gives it to a friend.
08: metallic dilation and curettage - Some plumbing assistance for Ray and Nancy.
09: finger painting on wall warts - My recently-acquired negative Midas touch with electronics was continuing.
10: two things in Tivoli - I don't know if WordPress sucks, but some people really seem to like it. Also, are these guys in a cult?
11: need for a better NAS security model - I'd like to leave the local network completely open, the way the old VAX 750 was back when I was in college.
12: trolling amen zombies - Perhaps cruely, I get a bunch of unthinking religious kooks to pray for a knitted doll.
13: new soul for a 14 year old computer case - Where once lived an AMD K6, there is now an Intel Core 2 Duo.
14: dazzlebox - I decorate a generic computer case.
15: dogs, cats, and wet paint on the floor - Animal juggling in the laboratory.
16: pretty good port - Cowboy plumbing for Deborah and then celebrating the actual first day of Chanukah.
17: memorial in Poughkeepsie - Also, an unexpected suburbia in the mountains just south of Kingston.
18: a bite of the hacker apple - I get a fully-functional Hackintosh running, deal with another flea emergency, and watch the crappy 1996 classic Independence Day.
19: shitty job stories - Reorganizing a part of the laboratory and a dinner party.
20: local distillery - We cross the Hudson to see booze being made.
21: treacherous Dug Hill Road - Amending my drinking rules after getting home from a solstice party stoned. Also, Ray wrecks his Jeep within sight of our house.
22: a hole in dinnertime teevee - We finally watch the final episode of the Colbert Report.
23: the wily North Koreans - I have to beef up the defenses of a theatre website after they decide to show The Interview.
24: shocked in the greenhouse - I get shocked by household current for the first time since I was a child, and the accumulation of his & her items in the household.
25: Christmas, 2014 - We try a different Chinese restaurant and sample the new Chris Rock movie.
26: every disembodied tuft of hair - Preparing for house sitters. And two cats have a big fight in the laboratory.
27: pre-Belize jihads - Cleaning, compiling firewood, and being yelled at by a cyclist.
28: flight to Belize - In coach with a surprisingly-familiar celebrity.
29: Xunantunich - Not riding horses and some Mayan ruins.
30: Cave Branch River - A makeshift hut and tubing on a river through a cave.
31: Belizian barrier reef - Snorkeling on a cloudy day.