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Monday, January 5 2015

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York, USA

There's always a bunch of stuff that needs doing when I get back from a vacation, but sometimes I just need a break from all of that. Today an excuse for such a break arrived in the mail from southeast China: another 800 X 400 pixel seven inch TFT LCD display. I've been trying to use a cheap composite-input color LCD display with a Raspberry Pi, but it's pretty much impossible to use a Linux desktop that is only 320 by 200 pixels. I'd had bad luck with a nearly-identical 800 X 400 LCD in the past (and when they don't work, it's not cost-effective to ship them back to China). But today I lucked out and the freshly-arrived $40 display worked. Not only that, but I hooked the panel from the dead TFT (the one it didn't pay to ship back) to the driver board from today's display and that worked too, indicating that the problem with the dead panel lies somewhere in its driver board. (Unfortunately, I checked on eBay, and replacement for those are nearly as expensive as the entire unit.)
The tiny seven inch display connected to the Raspberry Pi via an HDMI cable is a marvelous little gem of clarity and concision. It looks to be ideal for the ultimate application, a dedicated terminal designed for playing MP3s and playlists located elsewhere on the household network.

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