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   February 2015

01: two fails - Troubles with surface mount electronics and black iron pipe.
02: first real hunkering of the season - More than a foot of snow and watching Yukon Gold.
03: old OSes on old laptops - Also, a mysteriously-small amount of ash.
04: one hour beetle painting exercise - Also, for some reason, a detailed account of my errands.
05: through snowsqualls to Batavia - The first day of a two-day roadtrip in Western New York State.
06: hotel McMurdo - Bleak conditions in a hotel parking lot in Batavia, NY.
07: notes of something having burned in a pot - Out with friends on a cold Saturday in the Rondout and Uptown Kingston.
08: from a time I had somehow avoided living through - Watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on a brand new Chromebook.
09: like communicating with someone in Chinese - Two things I hate: implementing visual design and dealing with .htaccess.
10: above-freezing balmy - Shoveling out the driveway on a sunny winter day.
11: girliest beer - In exchange for an old Apple Cinema Display, I buy a friend the girliest six pack in Hurley Ridge Market.
12: staycation bathroom thought - What if you were rich and young and built a house you lived in through old age?
13: grand mall seizure - Trouble starting a car in low temperatures, and a stranger has a grand mal seizure at the Mall.
14: cheap Italian Valentines - Hunkering down by the woodstove on yet another bleak day in mid-February.
15: family-style at the local Mexican restaurant - Gretchen arranges a birthday meal for me with the staff of our new go-to Mexican restaurant.
16: birthday 47 - Pizza and intestinal complaints at the house of some friends.
17: passages from an excruciating memoir - Gretchen reads from an advance copy of a dreadful book.
18: uses for a warm old laptop - A good free computer for a former-prisoner or as heating pad for a cat.
19: destined for a platform as valueless - Why it doesn't really even make sense to give away old laptop computers.
20: cursed hardscrabble - Saving the day with some improvised multimedia hardware ingenuity. And watching Better Call Saul.
21: Prius in the snow - Taking our life in our hands for some good pizza in Woodstock.
22: impromptu Oscars party - While the ladies watch the pretty actresses in their pretty dresses, Ray and I get drunk in the laboratory.
23: tiny misplaced object - Clutter is an easy thing to ignore until I shine a flashlight on it.
24: git 'er done - A little disaster while deploying site code for one of my clients.
25: nail clipping jihad - One of our dogs needs to be medicated, but Allahu Akbar & spoiler alert, success is achieved.
26: colors are not enough - What happens when you hook up a car battery backwards.
27: doesn't get much more useless - Dried up glue and how I sort coins in my laboratory.
28: the most powerful and dangerous organisms on Earth - Watching the movie Falling Down.