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Saturday, February 14 2015
Normally on Valentine's Day, Gretchen and I have a tradition of going out to Catskill Mountain Pizza. Today we were maybe even going to go there on a double date with some new friends, but the weather did not cooperate. It snowed all day, making it more of festive hunker-down kind of day, most of which we spent in front of the woodstove. It wasn't so much that the snow accumulated appreciably (we didn't get more than three inches), but it was brutally cold and somewhat windy at times, and who wants to climb into a cold car twice on such an evening? Instead we cooked up a frozen cheeseless vegetable pizza from Trader Joe's, which Gretchen sprinkled with a grated nut cheese. It also helped to add more red sauce and Italian hot peppers (though I was initially skeptical of adding all the amount of red sauce Gretchen added to her slices). Unusual for our evening dinners, we ate our pizza not in the bluish light of Jeopardy, but in the cozy glow of the woodstove. We also drank wine from odd already-open bottles taking up room in our refrigerator. The combination of bad, overchilled red wine, and cheap Italian peppers on recently-frozen pizza gave the evening a delightful cheap Italian restaurant vibe, which is something I don't feel I get quite enough of in my life these days.

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