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   above-freezing balmy
Tuesday, February 10 2015
Yesterday had been a hunker-down kind of day, with snow and occasionally blizzard-like conditions all day. Today, though, the sun was out, and I had to get started shoveling out the driveway early because our driveway would be needed before 11:00AM. Deborah was coming over to drop off Penny the Dog. Penny actually belongs to Michæl & Carrie, but Carrie is off in Los Angeles being a nanny for her sister's imported Chinese baby, and Michæl has been sucked into the never-ending vortex of professional set design. These days he's working something like sixteen hour days. Because the Reagan victory has not been complete, at least he's getting overtime. [REDACTED]
Though she's a bit of a hoverer, Penny is a good dog. She gets along great with our cats, all of whom quickly recognized her from her last series of sleepovers. Penny's approach with cats is intense curiosity qualified by fear. She avoids eye contact and will sidle slowly away if a cat mirrors her interest too intently.
It's been such a cold winter that today qualified as balmy mere because temperatures rose for a time a little above freezing. It was like Rogain for the manes of icicles hanging from the roof. The translucent soffits of nascent ice dams suggest soon water will be dripping on the inside of our windows, but so far it's yet to happen. It's possible we'll even luck out and not get ice dams at all this year. We didn't get them last year after all.

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