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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Pinnacle Hat Bartolom Island Santa Cruz Middle Eastern Guayaquil Clarence Stewarts Zena Road Powerball Little Bear Bearsville Tech City Red White Oaks Oak Dug Hill VIC Oregon

February - Have Angular Javascript Marco Rubio Raspberry Pi Linux New Hampshire Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Darwin Shark Tank Ethiopian Brooklyn Python Tibetan Center Philadelphia Brotherly Love Luna Tivoli Plantae Jehovahs Witnesses

March - Rogers Facebook Eleanor Chongo Matt Administration Trump Esopus Pit Bull Dutchess County Yonkers NY

April - Albany Mexico Midtown Neville H Ramona Finlaggan Darla Angeles Detroit Hollywood West French Film Festival Mohawk Bend Vyvanse Tokyo

May - Sceletium Game Thrones MP3 Subaru Legacy Outback Connecticut Ambien Ps Nancy Chinese V Paltz Town Netflix DVDs Thruway

June - African VPS Village Snake Robin Pine MSG Adderall Farm Dreamhost PHP Pacific

July - Saugerties Ray II SharkBite Dallas Rose Tea Sanpellagrinos Dave Crazy RUMP PENIS Upstate York France Gate Indian

August - GPS GFI Porcupine Adirondacks Twenty Ninth Pond Adirondack Mark Watney Mars Ridge Market XPLAIN QL

September - Ramapo Watergate Street Silver Spring Northeast DC House Vietnam Veteran Memorial Brunswick NJ Fi U Homesite Chipotle Buddhist

October - Jabbas Hut Donald QL SQL Greenworks VR European Rhone Nuclear Power Station Viviers McMansion Crayon

November - Traffic Circle Trumpocalypse Presidency United States Election Day Cause American Black Mirror Eva Sandors The Band

December - PCRM Manhattan Joe Westworld SL ShopRite Reagan Muslims Europe Kubrickian Turkish God Bless America Park