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Sunday, January 24 2016
Gretchen didn't have time to walk the dogs this morning, so I took them on a loop involving the Farm Road and the lower part of the Chamomile Headwaters Trail, though I cut over quickly to the Stick Trail. Not far from where I've been gathering firewood, I cut up a new piece of old dry Chestnut Oak, strapped three pieces to my backpack, and brought it home. Combined with a small piece I carried in my hand I picked up along the way, today's load came to a modest 99.75 pounds.
Back at the house, I scarfed down a bunch of leftover noodles and then prepared the laboratory for this week's session with my web development mentee. Though I had a moderate hangover, today's session went pretty well, particularly once my mentee overcame his shyness and asked me for some PHP help on an assignment I'd given him. I also let him listen in on a Skype conversation I had with Mike out in Los Angeles, one where we discussed the issue of whether to indent code using with spaces or tabs. Evidently all the cool kids these days are using spaces, though I'm going to need more convincing and semi-dictatorial decrees that I suddenly change (especially when the code base itself doesn't conform to this standard) are not the sort of thing I happily accept. But I concealed all this latent rage so my mentee would only overhear what sounded to him like a completely professional exchange. Well, it would have sounded completely professional had Mike not used so many casual obscenities and asked me, on learning of yesterday's party, whether I was hungover. (I'd replied "A little.")

It was the kind of day that eventually required a long nap.

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