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   December 2015

01: investigating a hack - Why exactly have all search results in Google been replaced with ads for penis pills?
02: cobras, turtles, and hacking coughs - A trip into Brooklyn to see W. Kamau Bell.
03: fifteen percent water - I find out how much water a piece of salvaged wood can hold.
04: a magnet in practice - Finding a tiny retaining ring lost in the forest.
05: strange stove resin - I find a black plasticlike material dripping from the bottom of the woodstove.
06: rat's nest of wires hidden - Getting an old Mac display with a stupid proprietary connector to work with any computer with a DVI port.
07: pirated software is safer than this - I learn that commercial freeware on the web should no longer be trusted whatsovever.
08: overly-packaged geiger tube - I had to sign for that one at the Hurley post office.
09: fun with solder scrap - Melting a different metal in the woodstove.
10: a wake of mental dissonance - A springlike day in late early December.
11: blanket of snakes, socks of tapeworm - A good friends and conversation in a somewhat unfinished living room.
12: caffeine withdrawal dysphoria - Though also some fun with melatonin and valerian root.
13: recaffeination - I decide to fall off the wagon with regard to everyone's favorite stimulant.
14: actual fast-turnover thrift store - I return to the Tibetan Center thrift store and find the things available have completely changed.
15: sheer epsilonity - Painting a painting so I can drink booze during a shitshow debate.
16: warranty-free potential bomb - Crappy stuff at the Salvation Army.
17: as if we were engaged in a taboo act - Gretchen requests an emergency demulletization
18: Sharia takes my old high school - It's closed for the day due to a calligraphic freak out.
19: pupusas again - After some baroque culture, trying a option that had been inaccessible due to my vegan diet.
20: plastic fluff of its innards - Dogsitting a dog named Coach Eric Taylor.
21: a new mild sedative to my arsenal - Passionflower and melatonin.
22: 93% of my estimate - The reasons why a volume of wood wasn't quite my weight estimate for it.
23: Celeste watching juncos - She knows enough not to go out through the pet door when they're foraging, becuse they'll just fly away.
24: 93% of my estimate - The reasons why a volume of wood wasn't quite my weight estimate for it.
25: Christmas flight to Ecuador - Leaving an unseasonably-warm New York for the tropics.
26: steps of Guayaquil - A walking tour of the city, among other things.
27: to the Letty - Flying to the Galapagos for the second time in my life.
28: back and forth along San Cristobal - Our first baby sea lions and Marine Iguanas of the Galapagos trip.
29: return to Española - Marine iguanas, Hood Mockingbirds, and ever-entertaining sea lions. Also, a meal with the ship's captain.
30: silver lightning - A rare sight under water at Devil's Crown in the Galapagos.
31: WiFi and beer in Puerto Ayora - Also, New Year's Eve out in its harbor.