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Tuesday, December 15 2015
Late this morning, my firewood salvaging proceeded southeastward from where I've been working, taking me fairly close to the Gullies Trail (41.927080N, 74.103682W), since that was where the wood was. I cut up some downed skeletonized Chestnut Oak, managing to assemble a load weighing 94.55 pounds, which is a lot when the walk home is as long as this one was (1600 feet).

Tonight would be the last Republican debate of 2015 (Sara Poiron and I enthusiastically refer to all Republican debates this cycle using the term "shitshow"), and I wanted to be able to drink alcohol as I watched it. Under my personal alcohol consumption rules, this meant I would have to create a piece of art. So I painted the following painting of an Indigo Bunting, based on a photo I took this past June. The result was, like many paintings, unsatisfying after I finished it but better when I hadn't seen it for a few hours.

I accomplished a few professional tasks before aceding to the demands Sara Poiron was making for a special-purpose Photoshop job involving attaching the head of a frenemy to the body of a Naked Mole Rat. It was as involved of a project as the painting of the Indigo Bunting, but Photoshop jobs do not count as art under my system. They resemble too closely all the other forms of procrastination I engage in.
The shit show began at a little after 6:00pm when the "kid's table" debate commenced. But those just aren't the same since Bobby Jindal dropped out of the race.
As for the debate, what a bunch of ignorant warmongers! As always for a shit show, it was like a parody of what real political discourse might sound like. Or a scene from Idiocracy. I couldn't believe it when Donald Trump suggested we should be killing the relatives of Muslim terrorists, and I couldn't believe it when the cold Naziness of this latest outrage received neither rebuke nor horrified commentary. Most entertaining of all was when Jeb Bush tried to out-alpha Donald Trump and just couldn't do it because of his sheer epsilonity.

Later tonight, I watched the first episode of the new SyFy series The Expanse. It's hard to say how I feel about it at this point, though it seems better than the eventually-watchable series The Man in the High Castle. I figured out that it has a thin veneer of camp that livens up the otherwise-dreary pretty people cast to fill all the roles. Also, it has great zero-gravity physics, with poofy hair doing things you've never seen depicted on screen before. And its depiction of the future skyline of New York City is worth watching the first episode for all on its own. Otherwise, though, it seems to slosh around between being an extension of the early in-space scenes from Avatar (good) and the Star Wars saloon scene set on Tatooine (meh).

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