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   caffeine withdrawal dysphoria
Saturday, December 12 2015
I'd stayed up very late doing things like hate-watching Gold Rush and drinking booze. But I was careful not to drink too much and didn't end up with an alcohol hangover. Instead I had something that must have been a caffeine hangover, leaving me feeling listless and dysphoric most of the day. I had trouble sitting for long in front of my computer in the laboratory and mostly wanted to lie on the couch in the living room.
I collected today's firewood before noon, and, since Gretchen hadn't given them much of a walk, both dogs came with me. Eleanor just stood there watching me do my work while Ramona went off and did something that made her face dirty, particularly around her eyes. Today's haul came to 98.55 pounds, of which 89.25 went into the house, and 9.3 contained live Carpenter Ants and had to go into the woodshed. Additionally, I weighed recent accumulations of cardboard, which came to 3.9 pounds.
I took a long nap on the living room couch that did nothing for my dysphoria or wakefulness, though I was nevertheless able to make my Mexicanish "bean glurp" for dinner. By 9:00pm, though, I was so sleepy that I soon went to bed. To see what would happened (in a psychonaut sort of way), I took a large dose of valerian root and melatonin about a half hour beforehand.
This would end up giving me intense dreams about visiting a theme park in North Korea, getting separated from Gretchen in a train station, and being sexually assaulted by a young plump-faced North Korean woman in a miniskirt.

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