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   January 2016

01: snorkeling around the Pinnacle again - Chinese Hat and Bartolomé Island
02: along the Santa Cruz coast - Also, how impatient I get when I'm on the edge of drowning.
03: best Mexican food ever - In a Middle Eastern neighborhood of Guayaquil with an ongoing sewer replacement project.
04: extra hours to kill in Guayaquil - We end up going downtown for awhile.
05: Ramona's expectations regarding toys - They're all for her. Also: back in the cold weather and a noodle bake with friends.
06: overlapping woodstove mistakes - Our house fills with smoke in the wee hours. And Clarence goes for his first ride in a car in 12 years.
07: problems with units and practical physics - Watching the highway guys salvaging a big piece of wood they probably wouldn't want if they knew what I know.
08: owl and a frigatebird - They didn't go to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.
09: our dogs with other cats - They hadn't had a chance to go to a dinner party with us in a long time.
10: January hailstorm - Warm weather and heavy rains give way to unusual summer-style storms.
11: a drone of undefined terms - Hating people who try to snow me with jargon.
12: kratom and ambien - Also, a big expensive sink arrives.
13: mobbed with the mathematically illiterate - At the Stewarts on Zena Road when the Powerball prize is a record $1.5.
14: skeletonized windfall - A new source of firewood not far from home.
15: fake fish like candy - A poor ordering decision at the Little Bear in Bearsville.
16: kitchen sink installed - I spend a day making Gretchen's kitchen that much more awesome.
17: sore in the Rectus femoris - After doing a lot of stoop work, my legs are sore. And something has given me a terrible case of the shits.
18: ugly architectural gash - Something is stirring at Tech City in Kingston.
19: superhuman empathic abilities - Various activities on my wife's 45th birthday.
20: number three - Weather systems of mirth at another celebration of Gretchen's birth.
21: water in oak wood - How Red and White Oaks differ in their soaking up of water.
22: free stinky wood - Some salvaged Red Oak from along Dug Hill Road comes with a few negatives.
23: imperfect moon analogy - Things said while smoking pot in the laboratory during a winter party.
24: a little - How hungover am I after yesterday's noodle party.
25: post-pasta lupper - Things craved after eating all the pasta I want.
26: reflection on software reflection - Recounting how I sort of managed to get some with my old VIC-20. Also, the leaders of those Oregon militants are nabbed.
27: Chicken Littles in my subconscious - Kratom with too much marijuana.
28: debate audio with snuff-film video - Things done while dog sitting.
29: drone in a tree - My drone flying goes awry and my drone fails to fall all the way from the sky.
30: a limb for a drone - I cut down a limb from high in a tree to rescue my drone before the rains come.
31: spiral-grained find at the bottom of the cliff - I resume firewood salvaging and then develop a head cold.