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Tuesday, January 12 2016 [REDACTED]

Back in December, Gretchen made a bold request for a holiday or birthday present. She wanted to replace our existing stainless steel sink with a deep ceramic one. I'd was against the idea. A ceramic sink would be very expensive ($700) and would be more vulnerable to breaking. It would also be more likely to break dishes carelessly flung into it. But Gretchen was adamant, and, since the kitchen is her domain, I eventually acquiesced. Today that sink arrived. I saved the guy delivering it a lot of trouble by taking it from his FedEx van with my own hand truck. With all the packaging removed, the naked sink itself weighed 79.5 pounds. To get it in place will require removing the old sink (currently glued to the bottom of the granite countertop), removing some of the face of the cabinetry beneath then countertop, building a structure to support the new sink, laying a bead of silicone glue around its top edge, and then wrangling it into place.

Our friends Erica and Justin wanted to do dinner with us tonight, but snow squalls came through, dropping a little less than an inch of snow, so Gretchen called and canceled.

I had some recreational kratom tea tonight, and it's been working as more of a stimulant than I expected. In hopes of falling asleep, I just took 10 milligrams of ambien.

In meta-news, today is the 17498th of my life, and the ongoing unbroken chain of accounted-for days in my online journal(s) represents 3511/8749ths of my life, which is almost the same as 40% (this page was helpful for figuring this out). I might have to check the math again when I'm not on kratom and ambien. In any case, I wrote this and the preceding seven entries (eight entries total) all today. Eight might be a record. Yesterday, I wrote four, and all of those were long. This is typical for how I do my catching up after returning from a long, eventful vacation.

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