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Monday, January 25 2016
My firewood salvage today took me to the eastern edge of the terrace where I've been gathering most of my wood, though this time closer to home, at a tree I'd only partially salvaged in the past. I got three big pieces from it and added a few tall stump shards from a massive tree that had fallen over nearby, producing a load that I knew was very heavy. Still, I'd done a good job of arranging it on my pack, so I was able to bring it home in one straight shot. It weighed 145.45 pounds, and nearly all of the wood was dry enough to be burned immediately. In one of the pieces, though, there was some sort of weird fungal (or perhaps slime mold) residue that didn't change color or lose much volume as it dried.
I've continued with drying and burning that puke-smelling wood salvaged the other day from the side of Dug Hill Road. Though its bark and superficial woodgrain resembled Red Oak, I've started to wonder if perhaps it isn't something else. The bark is wrong for American Elm and the knot-free stuff splits too easily to be that, but it has a similar repulsive smell.

I suffered from a kind of a malaise today that might have actually been a second day of hangover from the excesses of Saturday's pasta party. Gretchen and I are also still eating pasta, though by luppertime we were craving something else. I made myself big bowl of Progresso-brand lentil soup. But I'm kind of meh about lentils are their own and the characteristic flavor of all Progresso soups, so I added some red beans and also a drop or two of Dave's Ghost Pepper hot sauce (which Carrie had given me during the pasta party, my second super-concentrated bottle of hot sauce from her that week). Dave's Ghost Pepper hot sauce is so hot that it can really only be used in dishes into which it can be easily dissolved. Even then, the only effect it provides is heat; everything else it contributes is so homeopathically-weak that it cannot be tasted.
Eating lupper meant that I would be hungry again at around 11:00pm, and when that time came, I made myself a sort of chips and salsa by adding black-eyed peas to Hannaford-brand salsa, adding a drop or two of Dave's Ghost Pepper sauce, and then dipping with Hannaford-brand organic multigrain chips.
Meanwhile Gretchen roasted up some vegetables and made a rice cooker's worth of freekeh, some sort of whole-grained wheat starch that looked like the sort of thing only hard-core haters of junk food would ever eat.

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