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   February 2016

01: another day, another Red Oak - I Have to cut my drone down out of a second tree.
02: extra drone - A friend finds a drone in his woods and it proves to be compatible with my drone controller.
03: random view into a life - Looking at the content of a used surveillance camera's memory card.
04: every one to be a teachable moment - Also, my sniffles come back as I deal with all the usual challenges of the Angular Javascript framework.
05: when they know me by sight - I don't really want to be known as a regular at my favorite thrift store.
06: dispel with this fiction - Watching Marco Rubio malfunction.
07: success with a cheap Chinese touchscreen - On a Raspberry Pi.
08: looking for a UI for a tiny screen - Surveying the options in Linux music players.
09: too much punk - Scraping off so much rotten wood from salvaged firewood that Gretchen notices. Also, the New Hampshire primary.
10: all uniformly terrible - Skinnable applications seem like a good idea, but the skins that people build for them are terrible in identical ways.
11: mental airplane glue - Listening to the final moments of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge siege. Also, a pithy statement on what it means to believe in science.
12: most famous organism associated the the archipelago - Charles Darwin. Also, a really good Shark Tank.
13: low-information hipsters - Scalia dies, and some folks at a vegan Ethiopian restaurant in Brooklyn don't know who he was.
14: especially cold Valentine - So cold we don't even go out for pizza.
15: shivering with nothing to do - Eleanor stands there watching me gather firewood in the cold (temperatures in the teens).
16: battery chainsaw birthday - I turn 48 and write my first program in Python.
17: still can't match a gas-powered chainsaw - Battery chainsaws: the power is there, but not the endurance. Also: I marvel at a $300 set of fireplace tools at the Tibetan Center.
18: taco Thursday in Philadelphia - Beginning another food vacation in the City of Brotherly Love.
19: longevity of creations - Semi-guerilla murals on Philadelphia walls versus code.
20: still can't match a gas-powered chainsaw - Battery chainsaws: the power is there, but not the endurance. Also: I marvel at a $300 set of fireplace tools at the Tibetan Center.
21: showered with late birthday presents - Friends come over bearing gifts and Gretchen gives me a book about firewood.
22: speedy palimpsest - Attending a live drawing class while on strong stimulants.
23: Vyvanse aftermath - Speediness continue even after the headaches more than twelve hours later.
24: all the bad news we need - Eleanor may have lymphoma after all. Also, I make a chainsaw-tightening tool from a half inch spanner.
25: emoji inspiration - A tiny painting and a rainy walk in the forest.
26: new vegan restaurant - We try out a replacement for Luna 61 in Tivoli called Plantae.
27: good news in Cyrillic - A couple friendly Jehovahs Witnesses knock on the door.
28: interracial human centipede - Processsing wood in the forest with a splitting maul and meeting friends for dinner in Woodstock.
29: the way of leeches - Not finding vitamin E in a Kingston grocery store, though finding all sorts of goodies at a thrift store.