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   November 2015

01: first stab at a first world problem - Starting work on my own landline phone call spam killer.
02: Meatless Monday - Celebrating with fake meat meatballs, though perhaps vegans should forgo fake meat on Mondays. Also, why intelligent life on distant planets might be much smaller physically than humans.
03: election day 2015 - Unseasonably warm, with a hint of caller ID success.
04: bad case of shit-breath - Ramona licks a shit stick and terrorizes us for the rest of the day.
05: cucumber spikes - A plant makes my life less pleasant, and Eleanor has a senior moment in the West Hurley Park.
06: summery night in November - Driving around with the windows down and wearing a tee shirt, with my Ahmed Mohamed clock on the back seat.
07: from art to Olive Garden - After checking out the new seedpack art, we dine ironically out on 9W.
08: a few hours of the best years of my life - It turns out that SuperGlue can kill a connection that it flows into.
09: not the anthropic principle - The miracle of surviving the Cold War.
10: penis-related medications - In place of my father's obiturary due to adware.
11: lot of potential wats - For example, refried beans.
12: all steam no punk - A big fire wood rack for the living room.
13: sour is expensive - Killing time while the Prius gets an oil change and the Subaru gets inspected.
14: hate-watching and binge-watching - Television habits in the household of late.
15: such complexity was necessary - Adding a relay to my Ahmed Mohamed clock allowing it to play audio no matter the power source.
16: complete-enough work of art - A meeting where I agree to become a mentor to a high school student. And my Ahmed Mohamed clock is now complete enough to celebrate.
17: inside a capital L - How I positioned trim with an L-shaped cross section. And the management of exuberant code.
18: stud wall for beer - I help a friend with one of his many ongoing constructon projects.
19: early Thanksgiving - Food and show & tell with friends we don't usually get to Thanksgive with.
20: not usually proud - For once, there's something clever in the details of my coding.
21: 14th Hurley hunting season - Two errands in the forest, despite the possible presence of guys with guns.
22: taxing on the uncaffeinated brain - Starting up a boiler without having drunk any coffee or tee. And a widowmaker almost gets me.
23: maybe all the hidden landmines - Competence while withdrawing from caffeine.
24: the kind of counterproductive evil - Not especially enjoying The Man in the High Castle. Also, Gretchen finally sees Stevie Wonder.
25: behind the tentacles of a mop - Searching for something while jacked up on coffee in a way that I rarely get.
26: Thanksgiving 2015 - Casual wastefulness and the uncanny valley.
27: sociopathic companies like Monsanto - Also, I give the laboratory a deep clean.
28: Kitchenette and a movie - Watching The Walk in Rosendale.
29: another application for rare-earth magnets - A substitue for glue in a place where I would never actually want to use glue.
30: hundreds of pounds of carpet - Another run to the dump, this one costing a record amount.