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   March 2015

01: Jordanian chert as a stone tool - Problems with using a car that has sat out several recent snow storms.
02: 14th anniversary hotel experience - Gretchen and I spend the night in the old Holiday Inn near the traffic circle in Kingston.
03: still officially on vacation - Not great vegan options at Kingston Best Western, so we have tempeh reubens at Outdated.
04: spring mix - A thaw, starting plants, and Stand & Stuff tacos.
05: brutalist architecture that is the sky - Another concrete-skied day in March, and Gretchen shows up late for a teleconference.
06: knowledge that others lack - My troll Suzy says something that might be a little too subtle.
07: sundown behind the house at four - Gretchen sleeps in the greenhouse past five, and I do a little soldering despite my middle-aged eyes.
08: Girl Scout beers - Also, fun with auto-tune.
09: sunning in the driveway - It's possible today, at least for me and one of the cats.
10: sunny enough - Yet another nice day in early Spring.
11: nasty pile of nutrients - Ashes, urine, and dog shit for a future garden plot.
12: teeth cleaning, 2015 - I get one every two years or so.
13: daytime bat - It's still early March and insect-dependent mammals probably shouldn't be flying around yet.
14: vegan finger food party - Gretchen's final lab for her online cooking class welcomes a new couple to the area.
15: tramadol hangover cure - Good for working on a barometric array.
16: successfully multiplexed barometric sensors - Although I accidentally hook one up backwards in my haste.
17: unconventional UPS installation - Keeping my internet connection alive through the next power outage.
18: Merlin and the cats - The neighbor dog visits and Ramona eventually runs him off.
19: excited for shepherd's pie - Another culinary success from Gretchen.
20: a final winter hunkering - One last snow at winter's end.
21: drinking & downloading - Friends don't let friends.
22: early Judas Priest - Listening to a song about growing old over 20 years after first hearing it and having not heard it once in the intervening years.
23: a gift of hot sauce - I give away a bottle of my favorite condiment in hopes that it will be available the next time I eat at the house of the person to whom I gave it.
24: data poisoning? - Troubles with multiplexed barometric sensors on a multiplexed I2C bus. Also, a late March freeze-up of my indoor flushless urinal system.
25: vaping in the laboratory - Celebrating the solution to my barometric data skew issue.
26: dead tree bummer - A small dead White Pine turns out to contain two bird nests.
27: antacids & jalapeños - Stuff I get at the store.
28: damn good sandwich - My sandwich-rich diet today.
29: Where the Hell is Your Flag Pin? - More trolling in the Facebookiverse.
30: fixing the pisser III - After two and a third years, I need to dump in another bottle of Liquid Plumbr. Also, delicious cauliflower soup and tales from Hollywood.
31: still snowy on the last day of March - Still walking on snowshoe trails in the forest. Also, a minor antifreeze disaster on the roof.