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   a final winter hunkering
Friday, March 20 2015
Though today was officially the vernal equinox, the transition from winter to spring, the brutal winter of 2015 continued throughout the day. Temperatures dropped into the low-30s and snow began in the late morning. We decided it was a "hunker down" sort of day, so we had our weekly caffeine-rich french press of coffee a day early. There was also leftover shepherd's pie that made for a large two-course breakfast for both of us. As I drank my coffee and ate my shepherd's pie, I read about things ranging from the fucked-up way Benjamin Netanyahu won the Tuesday election in Isræl to the Teensy ARM-based microcontroller board, which looks like a good option for when Atmega328s prove insufficiently powerful (something that hasn't really happened yet). [REDACTED]

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