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   April 2015

01: pledge and prayer with the police - Gretchen returns with tales from her visit to a backwards local culture.
02: off to Passover 2015 - Celeste's first road trip out of state.
03: shepherds pie seder - Also, conversing with a young girls suffering from Down Syndrome.
04: web-teated Molly - Another visit to Meskerem and Shaw Dog Park, and I swim for the first time in the in-laws' indoor pool.
05: proud animal becomes trash - I watch a beautiful turkey killed in an instant in my review mirror on the drive home from Passover in Maryland.
06: worm story - At her birthday dinner, a friend tells us a horrifying bathroom tale.
07: Eleanor starts coughing - Did she pick up a disease while we were in the District of Columbia?
08: Ramona starts coughing too - That's how it is with infectious diseases.
09: Suzy takes Adderall - My most successful troll posts a coherent paragraph.
10: tramadol as study drug - It makes me throw up a little, but it also helps me blast through some boring work.
11: Black Bear reality check - Wondering what other crap Dual Survival is feeding me after they hype the danger of Black Bears.
12: object permanence implications - Where do icons go when a window opens over them?
13: stone wall exercise - A beautiful spring day; I finish the cabbage patch, getting some much-needed arm exercise in the process.
14: getting a discount card - I decide to let ShopRite track me.
15: maybe the proxy wasn't good enough - Or maybe it just didn't work. Dealing with client software that continues to work even when connected to a misconfigured proxy.
16: bittorrenting from a virtual private server - A way to avoid tainting your borrowed IP addresses with this greymarket behavior. Also, watching my wife teach and smelling my client smoke.
17: cabbage patch planted - Also, I get a temporary crown on a troublesome molar.
18: perhaps better done with two threads - In which I overload the workings of a humble AVR microcontroller.
19: rooster today and rooster through time - I paint a rooster based on an actual rooster instead of one I make up.
20: sewing lettuce in the rain - Rainy all day, and I even have to start a fire in the woodstove. Also, two references to different Reagans in one short entry.
21: shit, peas, and a new crown for my tooth - Also, a plausible rescue of a snake from our young cat, Celeste.
22: a bad place for urine - I accidentally dump it into the antifreeze reservoir.
23: urine and copper - Maybe one corrodes the other.
24: brothy soup and vegetarian sushi - Things that can be eaten on a full stomach when your friends invite you out at the last minute.
25: 1975 calculator - It does not even have an M button.
26: no cash for french fries - Watching Game of Thrones in Old Hurley.
27: Silicon Valley vs Happyish - One is a surivor in today's television ecosystem and one is not.
28: hard to go back to a crappy keyboard - Temporarily, I'm stuck using a nasty old Dell.
29: no shade time of the year - It's hard to find shady parking when driving around with dogs in late April.
30: three bullet Thursday - A potential for three terrible outcomes on the last day of April.