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Sunday, April 26 2015
This evening, after getting a fire going in the woodstove to fight the now mid-Spring chill, I left the dogs behind (Eleanor is still contagious for kennel cough) and drove down to Old Hurley. Originally the plan was to get some french fries (or, as they actually called them for a time, "freedom fries") from Hurley Mountain Inn and go watch episode three of season five of Game of Thrones with Ray & Nancy. But I didn't have any cash in my wallet, so my only contribution tonight would be beer. On the way there, I gathered some dirt from the east levee of Esopus Creek. Someone had removed the chain across the farm road there, so I was able to gather my dirt from the place I've gathered it from in the past. There's still a notable depression in the levee at that spot, indicating it has yet to be replenished from floodwaters, so I did my soil gathering from a new location nearby. The soil here was actually better than it had been from the mine where I'd gathered all the other buckets of this season's dirt, though it tended to contain more stones (all of them very rounded chunks of sandstone).
Over at Ray & Nancy's house, most of the beer I ended up drinking was some homebrew made by one of Ray's regulars at the bar he tends. It consisted of a fairly good IPA and a really excellent porter. Meanwhile, Ray was drinking his usual low-calorie Michelob and Nancy was having a fancy drink containing gin. Eventually we had dinner of surprisingly-zesty pasta salad that Nancy had made. And though she's not famous for her cooking (and was highly self-critical of this particular dish), it was actually pretty good. It contained more peas than I would have preferred, so I didn't chew them perhaps as much as I should have, so they'll probably still be identifiable when I eventually defecate them from my butthole.
Though I'd seen tonight's episode before, Game of Thrones is complicated enough to benefit from multiple viewings. Tonight, for example, I was able to marvel at details such as the all-in pugnacious commitment on the face of Jon Snow's steward Olly when Jon decides to execute Janos Slynt (an execution that isn't a certainty until his neck stump is seen spurting blood). We watched this episode via HBO Go using ChromeCast, and it tended to stutter a bit at times (though never enough to be annoying).
I should mention that Ray and Nancy have re-organized their living room, essentially rotating its design 90 degrees counterclockwise (when viewed from above). They also have a new table (forming something of an alterpiece) made of marvelously-monstrous dragon-faced pedestals of cast concrete supporting an impressive slab of marble.

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