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   tramadol as study drug
Friday, April 10 2015
I'd overdone it last night of course. In addition to the beer and marijuana, there had also been pseudoephedrine, which makes it possible to drink even more than is otherwise possible. Though I was functional today, I was not entirely comfortable. Later, in the afternoon, I took a 50 milligram dose of tramadol, which always feels good initially but eventually leads to nausea. Still, when it's working well, tramadol has proved to be something of a study drug, allowing me to blow through tedious tasks with unusual focus. This afternoon, for example, I was tweaking a web page I'd made that had, according to the project manager, minor discrepancies from the design he'd given me. He was right, of course, but the discrepancies were tiny and only noticeable when his design was superimposed over the page I'd produced using the PixelPerfect Chrome plugin. Normally I hate such work and can be heard complaining audibly as I do it, but today the tramadol eased the pain. At some point, though, a wave of nausea swept over me and forced me to stick my head out the window in case I vomited. Eventually the vomit came, but it was only a tablespoon's worth on the laboratory deck. It consisted mostly of a fava bean curry (Saudi recipe!) we'd bought with the injera from that Ethiopian market in Silver Spring. Using vomitting is very unpleasant, but perhaps because tramadol is a strong pain suppressor, the experience wasn't too bad. And after that, I felt good enough to go back to work. I managed to get more work done today than I usually do when I'm not hungover or on drugs. Perhaps tramadol should be prescibed as a therapy for attention deficit disorder.
Earlier in the week, the today's forecast had been for 70 Fahrenheit degrees and a chance of showers. While it rained off-and-on throughout the day and a murky fog arrived in the morning and late afternoon, temperatures never rose out of the 50s. The one outdoor task I undertook today was cleaning up all the dog shit in the yard. I'd done this some weeks ago, but that had been while snow was still on the ground. There turned out to be massive deposits of it just north of the tomato patches and on the new "mountain-goat-style" firewood gathering path as it runs east of the woodshed. I managed to nearly fill a five gallon bucket with shit, all of which will form a layer in a new Brassica patch in the space between the main garden patch and the southmost tomato patch. Eva's recent experience with a roundworm infection has me a little spooked, so I will be sure to cover the shit with several inches of Esopus floodplain soil.

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