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   April 2016

01: April fool - A fun toy for cheap at a thrift store and another depressing coding interview.
02: not a mystery shopper - Driving Gretchen to Albany for her flight to a week in Mexico. Also, suspected of being a mystery shopper at the post office in Midtown Kingston.
03: able to abstract the knowledge - Ray has a dinner party and the new dog Neville is a good boy.
04: how not to feel like William H. Macy - Get a job offer with a salary your masters-degree-having wife has never earned.
05: caught in a spam loop - A file-monitoring script I wrote goes haywire and Ramona finally decides Neville can be fun.
06: cheapest single malt in the liquor store - It's called Finlaggan and it's nice and peaty.
07: sick of booze and pot doesn't work - Sometimes a staycation goes on for too long.
08: unreasonable smallness - Why does the spelt pizz have to be smaller? Also, Neville meets Darla. That doesn't go great, but at least no big fight breaks out.
09: now I have a smart phone - I decided I needed a plan-free one for an upcoming trip. Also, three dog walks.
10: Gretchen returns from Mexico - She learned a lot at her language school but now she just wants to snuggle with Neville.
11: phone clothing - A hunt for an outfit for my new cheapo smartphone.
12: my hands and the potter's wheel - I throw my first pot since the early 1980s.
13: in the form of steam - Telltale signs of inefficiency in my solar hydronic collector.
14: too much Vyvanse - 80 milligrams is overdoing it, and it also makes doing something like painting a picture take way too long.
15: smoky dinner party - Stoking up a hot fire at a dinner party leads to an emergency requiring a ladder and a furnace cement.
16: a bit less craptastic - An errand into town for high-temperature black paint ends with a couple drone flights.
17: Los Angeles via Detroit - On a trip across the country to begin a new job.
18: first day of my West Hollywood job - .
19: four and a half hour orientation - My second day at the new job in West Hollywood.
20: West Hollywood feral cat colony - I show up underdressed to a French Film Festival, among other things.
21: Mongos at Mohawk Bend - Also, applying Vyvanse to developing rapport with colleagues.
22: playing someone else's Tinder - A long couple walks in West Hollywood, and some drinks (expected and otherwise) with colleagues.
23: pinball in Little Tokyo - I use the extra day for downtime but decide to go with colleagues for an evening adventure.
24: volcanic debris in Arizona - Flying back across the country from my new job in West Hollywood.
25: matzah and working remote - My first remote workday at my first nine-to-five job in fifteen years.
26: multitask hell - Not only did I somehow work for two employers at once, but I ran up against a ceramics class I didn't even want to go to.
27: working in a Google-based office - I have to use the entire suite at my new remote job.
28: data pipeline sleuth - Despite an abrasive boss, I'm enjoying the tasks I've been assigned.
29: tool police - They're not all just vegan police at my new workplace.
30: avoid the word casserole - A food with an unappetizing name tastes great with some Dave's Insanity Sauce.