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   May 2016

01: Neville, store dog - Gretchen takes him to another of her jobs.
02: what everyone has been predicting - I eat a gram of Sceletium and watch Game of Thrones.
03: off day in the pottery class - At least I managed to trim a couple pots.
04: reconciliation with Hoagie - An attempted scam leads to a phone call and a lot of catching up with my mother.
05: changes in the workplace - It looks like my job is about to get a lot less unpleasant. Also, Neville destroys an MP3 player.
06: the end of Eleanor - Her suffering rises to a level where the only course of action is euthanasia.
07: kratom and Adderall - And booze and marijuana lead to tingling and weak hallucinations.
08: warm weather abandonment at the bus turnaround - An inability to drive the final 2000 feet homeward due to a failing clutch in the Subaru Legacy Outback.
09: 13 more miles for a gentler slope - Getting my Subaru home with its failing clutch means taking the 13.25 mile route instead of the 2100 foot one.
10: Subaru from Connecticut - And listening to the same song over and over again on the way home.
11: return of the rot - My now-loose punk rock tooth has started stinking again.
12: Ambien cliff approaches - I solve a programming problem in my sleep and implement it after taking a dose of Ambien.
13: cold reality and warm IPs - It's dawning on me that I am going to be in charge of a very elaborate high-traffic technological system.
14: problematic Victorian mansion - Among other things, a kitchen that can only be reached through a bathroom.
15: big outdoor chore morning - Also, the thankless task of doing the heavy lifting for an unenthusiastic pupil.
16: tiny greenhouses - Late May chill, heavy winds, and a light day in the remote workplace.
17: sweetberry pottery - This time Nancy brings a bottle to class and we eat pizza instead of Chinese food.
18: fixing the pisser IV - This time it only took a little over 13 months for my system to clog up.
19: accepted offer on big brick mansion - Also, experimenting with a tincture of kanna.
20: bad clutch drives away - A young woman from New Paltz buys our old Subaru for $600.
21: any of David's cuteness thunder - I wait to bring incredibly-cute Neville into a bookstore until after the reading from a book about incredibly cute animals is over.
22: first meat barbecue in a long time - Usually Gretchen and I do not attend such barbecues, but this one had propaganda potential, and the people were fun.
23: cable concerns at a board meeting - Gretchen and I attend attend a Town of Hurley board meeting dominated by the subject of cable access on Dug Hill Road.
24: Clarence gets a bell - Also, throwing out copies of Netflix DVDs and my last pottery class for the time being.
25: ridiculous 50 watts for each - An MP3-playing car stereo with seemingly-fraudulent specs.
26: appliances from Newburgh - I manage to drive as much as 80 mph on the Thruway with a dryer strapped to the roof.
27: cat skull from life - A rare use of a 3D model when painting.
28: odd doggy urination - Neville seems to enjoy soaking in his own freshly-pissed urine in his bowl-shaped doggy bed.
29: not the right detector - Digging through food waste to find the annoyingly beeping carbon monoxide detector at the bottom of a trash can.
30: three and a half hours at the Chipmunk mine - Ramona and Neville set something of a record being out on their own in the forest.
31: thief in the night - Revoking permissions after hours.