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   June 2016

01: kanna server fiasco - On a weird African drug when my VPS shits the bed.
02: the failed code with aplomb - A productive day in the remote workplace.
03: defoliated pine saplings - The caterpillars are that bad this year. Also, the dogs spend a record five hours in the forest.
04: no furniture even remotely Victorian - Nothing to buy at this year's Hurley Village yardsale.
05: Vyvanse and physical activity - It turns out that Vyvanse and other amphetamines are best enjoyed while not engaged in physical exertion.
06: others who are not so fully-immersed - I don't really enjoy political conversations with people who are not news junkies.
07: Black Snake vs Robin - A horrifying site in a small White Pine off the east deck.
08: excercise as stumulant - I take a break from work to get my blood flowing.
09: rescued bumblebee - Not all that happens in the local natural world is brutal and depressing. Also, too much MSG and going to sleep while jacked up on kratom tea.
10: blue landscape - A painting made while on Adderall taken to help me get some work done.
11: cat versus Catbird - In this case I intervene on behalf of the bird.
12: aligned almost perfectly with mine - I meet an older version of myself north of one of my least-favorite villages.
13: confirming my inclination to always handle - The one time I contract with the services of a plumber, I feel like I'm being badly ripped off.
14: splinter rising from the finished floor - Noticing a few little problems with the brick mansion that we have yet to buy.
15: warm shell of extrovertism - Vycanse at the Farm Festival.
16: for the servers - The nature of my advocacy at work. Also, dealing with another copyright crackdown.
17: for the servers - The nature of my advocacy at work. Also, dealing with another copyright crackdown.
18: so thick was her woo - An earth goddess at the barbecue keeps turning the conversation back to herbs and her uterus.
19: four Phoebe fledglings - Also, why Dreamhost VPS isn't really a VPS.
20: Summer begins, 2016 - Also, working with a dumpster fire of a PHP framework.
21: chainsaw stimulant - Again I turn to cutting up wood when sleepiness overcomes me in the middle of a Pacific-time workday.
22: Ramona and Neville's big bear adventure - On a self-directed walk this evening, they evidently tree a bear.
23: brick mansion ours - We close on our second rental property, a four-unit Victorian mansion.
24: Brexit Friday - That news plays out under office politics and progress on renting the brick mansion.
25: vacation from the necessary - Unexpected socializing amidst a hangover while getting the new multi-unit Victorian mansion ready for tenants.
26: an uncomfortable sausage party - Jack and Neville had little to say to one another when Ramona is not around.
27: happily regressed to mean - Rain finally falls and there doesn't seem to be hard feelings with my boss over a disagreement we'd had on Friday.
28: locks designed for picking - For when your husband masturbates for hours when you need to get ready for an antiabortion rally.
29: two different guys from Bottini - Gretchen gets advice and maintenance work from a local merchant of fossil fuels.
30: the limits of Victorian privacy - Holes for skeleton keys introduce substantial privacy vulnerabilities.