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   July 2016

01: a refrigerator with lamb and tempeh - Gretchen and I try a new restaurant in Saugerties.
02: selected by the dogs as their advocate - The dogs lobby for an end to fireworks, and I act as their advocate at Ray's birthday party.
03: cyclobenzaprine and a low-information voter - A bad combination for a Sunday afternoon.
04: cyclobenzaprine and a low-information voter - A bad combination for a Sunday afternoon.
05: Lyme bullseye II - Also, the perfect use for a SharkBite plumbing fitting and helping a neighbor with a malware infection.
06: study aids: amphetamines with kratom - I get so much done I even have time for a painting.
07: now hopelessly broken - Not just a part of refrigerator snapping like a taco shell in my hand, the whole country after another mass sniper shooting in Dallas. Also, an unwelcome change to Red Rose Tea.
08: handmade Mexican meal for four - Yet again Gretchen tries to impress non-vegans with the deliciousness of vegan gourmet food.
09: authenticity and grunge - Why the musicians who tried to sound like grunge failed to make memorable music.
10: bait & switch pottery shed raising - I show up hoping to do construction with friends and beer and end up working with strangers and Sanpellagrinos.
11: now we can ride bikes - Neville's independence (and the effects this has had on Ramona) mean we are dog-free enough to occasionally go on bike rides.
12: Crazy Dave's misdelivered package - Crossing the ravine, I am mistaken for a deer and yelled at by a dog, but Crazy Dave's behavior counts as friendly.
13: walking around the errors - I write a sync script that varies the number of records it grabs to get around problem spots in the data.
14: TRUMP PENIS 2016 - A hot, humid, boring day in Upstate New York while Trump selects a penis as a running mate and a terrorist uses a truck for a weapon in France.
15: another summer with a bold deer - It's not just eating tomatoes, it's also hitting the sunflowers.
16: return to Mountain Gate - Trying an Indian restaurant again after a 13 year estrangement.
17: picture in a power outage - In the absence of power, I turn to an ancient passtime.
18: carrion beetles in a shit bucket - What they are, and who those little guys are on their back. Also, some recent repairs to things that have broken.
19: end of a bad smell in my mouth - Lesson learned: error on the side of visiting the dentist.
20: vaguely-defined internet outage - Verizon doesn't feel the need to be all that specific about who is affected in one of their outages or how long it will take to fix.
21: Chanterelle pizza - Things to eat while using borrowed internet at a friend's house.
22: Petris on a hot July day - It's hot enough to sleep in the basement, and four of the animals agree.
23: just a little more like a guilty pleasure - Vyvanse, barbecue, and being a little embarrassed these days to be white.
24: return of the insanity sauce - After two weeks as a hot sauce option at a restaurant in Saugerties, my little bottle of hot sauce returns to the glove compartment.
25: miserable monday - Trouble before work, a flat tire, stomach issues, and several big workday headaches as well.
26: naked bikeride - Gretchen and I bike naked to the pool at the end of the Farm Road, and the dogs get skunked for the first time on Hurley Mountain.
27: delicious no matter how old - A falafel sandwich after another overworked day.
28: Berniebots to the back - What I know of Hillary's big night.
29: Neville heads off into Woodstock - Distracted by a rescue chicken, Ramona fails to be her brother's keeper.
30: trouble in the valves - I replace two water valves at the brick mansion.
31: viewing a toilet from below - Also, Vyvanse-based Aspergeryness and my online journal turns twenty years old.