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   low relief patterns near bowling trophy hooks
Monday, February 22 2021
Yesterday I'd installed two metal figurines from old bowling trophies as hooks on the laboratory ceiling-wall over in its southeast quadrant. I immediately used them to support large steel hooks holding large collections of, on one, three-prong IEC-C5 power cords, and on the other, USB-A to USB-C cords. Today I thought the figurines would look better if I added some low-relief lines on the drywall at their base, making them look as if they are erupting from stars. There are already a few star-shaped low-relief shapes in the swirl of low-relief lines that cover the ceiling (these are made of lines of white paint, drywall, and, in some places, caulk). To make today's lines (and to also fill in gaps at the base of the pedestals) I used joint compound.
Meanwhile, snow was falling pretty aggressively throughout the workday, enough to make Gretchen come home from the bookstore a whole hour early. I shoveled about three inches of snow out of the driveway so she could get in. I was about three-fourths done when she arrived, and she helped me finish.
Powerful made dinner while I was taking a bath. I could tell I wouldn't much like it from the smell coming from the kitchen; it was the smell of a certain brand of canned Asian vegetables. I'm becoming more and more sensitive to flavors I don't like in homemade Asian foods, and the feeling I had tonight was definitely another milepost along that journey. Powerful had also put some vegan "Korean ribs" in with the stew, and that was the part Gretchen didn't like.

The ceiling with the two new bowling trophy figures, hooks, cords, and the low-relief drywall patterns nearby. Also note the vintage barometer I got years ago at an antique store in Staunton, Virginia. It used to be on the north wall of the laboratory near Woodchuck, my main workstation. Click to enlarge.

This evening I put a little effort in getting two identical Heltec ESP32 devices equipped with LoRa technology to communicate, one as message sender, and the other as a message receiver (with the message being "fuck you motherfuckers!" so I could be sure the message was indeed mine). Getting such devices working in the bloated Arduino IDE is always a chore, so it helped to have a YouTube video detailing how this is done. The first delight was seeing the message I know I'd only provided one device appearing on the tiny OLED screen of the other device. Later, I hooked the receiver up to a USB battery pack and went for a walk through down the Farm Road (still unplowed after today's snow) for a range test. The only other time I've gotten LoRa to work was with LoRaWAN using a LoRa shield on an Arduino to send messages I could pick up with a Dragino access point, and that time the best I could get was a range of about 800 feet (through the ceiling-wall of the laboratory). Today, though, I was astounded to keep getting messages of "fuck you motherfuckers!" well down the Farm Road. By the time the signal petered out, I was nearly all the way to the farm at the south end of the Farm Road. The signal was being picked up 3.5 miles away after somehow making it through the laboratory ceiling and over a somewhat-obstructing inflection in the topography. [REDACTED]

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