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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - New Years Day Kevin McCarthy Tibetan Center Jeopardy Thai Indian LEDs Neville Dog Paltz D Virigina

February - SSI C Rica Costa Montezuma HDMI TV Santa Teresa Cuevas ATV Drift River Vista Lizard American

March - Beach Gorge Waterfall San Jose Newark SB GPT Overflow Reservoir Is Brewster Street

April - Fool Chinese Jack West Liquid Plumr H Canal Rondout Creek Harbor Freight Ryobi Creekside Tarder Lego Home Depot Notaro Bardavon Mexican Bitchin Donuts Diane Lester

May - OUs IOUs Virginia Casey Lake JSON API Troy Park Bloomfield OMO Adirondacks Adirondack Forester Ray Nancy Lowes Old Bar Vegan Bolt

June - Don Wawa IMBY Canada Town Hall Germany Sudetenland Trump Posies Johnstown Street Albany Flanigan Mirror B Subaru ChatGPT

July - High Falls Genesee Ontario Cemetery Powerful Boxing Woodworth Amsterdam NY Mountain LN2003 Farm Road

August - Ben Jerrys Hannaford Price Chopper Frontline Facilitated Communication Hispanic W Parton Civic MIP FIP Accord

September - Jews Stewart Hines Pond Milhouse Route V Store

October - Ridge NBA Hut Pizza Wild Wings WNBA Inn ChatGPT Chevy Bolt Downs Chic Ghettoford Amherst Jersey

November - Florentina Charlotte Tube YouTube Ohio Alex Jersey Hershey Castelo S Jorge Bel Lisbon Douro Portugal Spain European

December - Poughkeepsie Eagle Nest Road Campbell Diner Coxsackie